the Message Continues ... 10/26


Do not ignore a child !
by Steve Toth



 While the adults are talking
     in a semi-circle in the parking lot
A little brother and sister are chasing each other
     around the pillars that hold up the building
The boy slips but catches himself with his right hand
He springs back up
     and checks his hand for a moment
then starts running after his sister again
Now he stops and trots off in the direction of his mother
     He stands before her
showing his hand with upturned face
     and expression so sad
     it could melt most any heart

But his mother doesn't see him
     she is much too engaged in the conversation
So he tries the next person and the next
     ignored each time
As I see all this working I'm thinking
     that when he comes to me
I'll look at his hand and say "Pobrecito"
     which means "poor little one"
As I watch him work his way silently
     past each grown up in turn
I wonder how surprised he'll look
     when he finally gets noticed

But when he comes to me
     for no reason
     I discard my plan to speak Spanish
Instead of talking
     I find myself saying nothing
but holding up my right hand
     and showing him my palm too
Instantly his expression changes
     from despair to delight
He slaps my palm with the palm
     of the same hand
that he was just showing me as injured
giving me what is known as a high five
     Laughing he runs away
     all injury forgotten




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