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Being Muslim…..Being Optimistic 

A true Muslim is never pessimistic. His optimistic attitude is derived  from his absolute trust in God. Whoever puts his trust in Allah will find  Him as he thought of Him. God says: I am whatever My servant thinks of Me. 
Thus, a Muslim is backed by His trust in The Lord. He never fears the  future, as it is in God's hands. A Muslim knows, for sure, that Allah  wants the best for him/her. Whatever God decrees is for one's best  interest. Even if one perceives it as harmful in the short run, it is  definitely in one's best interest in the long run. 

Being optimistic is not being dreamy, as Muslims' optimism is based on  solid ground of faith in Allah, hard work and trust in God's will as  related to the results. 

Of the signs of Muslim's optimism is having faith that one's prayers are  answered FOR SURE. The time is a matter of Divine decree, which is also  for one's best interest. Allah says in The Holy Qur'an: "When My servants  ask you (Muhammad) concerning Me, I am indeed close to them, I listen and  answer the prayers of every supplicant when he calls on Me. Let them also,  with a will, listen to My call and believe in Me, That they may walk in  the right way" The Cow Chapter 2:186. 

God says: I am coy (The Most Sublime) to turn My servants palms (when they  raise them in supplication) empty. 

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be with him) said: prayer  (supplication) is worship. He also said that whomever doesn't come to  Allah, supplicating to Him, will have nothing but His anger and  discontentment, as s/he is showing arrogance towards Allah. 

Another sign of optimism is working hard as perfectly as one can. Prophet  Muhammad (peace and blessings be with him) said: if one of you works on  something, then s/he should master it with perfection. One should do  whatever one does with the intention of pleasing God, being confident that  only Him will grant one successful results, moreover, granting one rewards 
"As those who believe in Allah and act with righteousness, verily We shall  not perish the reward of any who do a single righteous deed" The Cave  Chapter 18:30. 

Another facet of optimism is being confident in God's mercifulness. Allah  has said: "Say to whom belongs all that in the heavens and on earth? Say:  to Allah, He has inscribed for Himself mercy" The Cattle Chapter 6:12. 

"When those who believe in Our signs come to you (Muhammad) say: peace be  with you, your Lord has inscribed for Himself mercy. Verily if any of you  did evil in ignorance, and thereafter repented and amend his conduct. He  (Allah) is oft-forgiving, most merciful" The Cattle Chapter 6:54. 

Being optimistic is also being cheerful. One should not have a frowning  face. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be with him) said: being  cheerful towards the face of your (Muslim) brother is an act of charity. 

Thus, optimism comes from confidence in The Lord "And if any one puts his  trust in Allah, sufficient is Allah for him. For Allah will surely  accomplish His purpose; for Allah has appointed a due proportion for every thing" The Divorce Chapter 65:13. 




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