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S a k i n a

the beloved daughter of Hussain (a)
by Okasha Naqvi, 15 NJ

"Baba!" I cried my heart was pounding loud enough for the soldiers to hear,
my body shivered with thundered fear.
as a man walked toward me his eyes fierce with the fire of satan,
he tightened the chains on my neck until I was forced to straighten.
the blood siezed my body in jaws of riegn
where is my father, I am in so much pain.
come back to me oh beautiful father, the keeper of my dreams,
come back to me I need you know, can't you hear my screams?
I am your sakina, oh baba,
did Allah take you so soon?
to leave your daughter alone and thirsty,
how the grief craves me this fretful noon.
the sand beneath me burns me,
my skin to weak to withstand,
all the lashes and beats of thorns,
my father I cannot even stand.
my neck is twisted with torture,
clogged with oceans of tears,
my toungue more dry and scorcher,
then my deepest and darkest of fears.
forgive me oh father as I become too weak to call your name,
ask allah to take me,
oh beautiful painting you are my frame.
I see how auntie zainab cries at night as she faces towards the sky,
I see how she falls upon the corpse of her sons,
so young and pure to die.
Isee the scars on her feet from walking so far alone,
she limps so lightly as I try to help,
oh father I cannot even lift my own bone.
how i saw her as she brought your body,
I shrieked as i ran to you fast,
I lay my head upon your chest,
a beat was not there to last.
I kissed your beautiful face oh martyr,
with tenderness I held you so close,
I clasped your hand i held it tight,
oh father my heart with you goes.
are you hear now as they pull my earrings mercilessly from my ears,
are you hear as I shriek restlessly your name,
do you hear the swords and sharpened spears?
to you hear deaths burning flame?
can you help me father,
lift me high as we have arrived to our end,
hold me tight as I close my eyes,
my salaams to you I send.

(Written on the day after Ashura, on Feb.20,2005)




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