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Omar Ahmad ( the founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. )

America is one nation out of many peoples. Many of us from diverse backgrounds and diverse experiences can band together around a common theme: freedom.

The protection and preservation of freedom should be the mission of all of us today.

As our country tries to reclaim the equilibrium that was shattered so violently two Septembers ago, I look at the legacies of those brave souls who helped create and maintain the freedoms that we must cherish today. As an example, Benjamin Franklin once said, "Those who sacrifice essential
liberty for a temporary sense of security deserve neither liberty nor security."

It was the work and sacrifices of many Americans that have kept the legacy of freedom alive. Had Martin Luther King Jr. never marched on Selma, perhaps our African-American sisters and brothers would still be sitting in the back of the bus. If it were not for the Japanese-Americans' struggle after their internment camp experiences during World War II, some of us might be in camps today.

As it is our duty and responsibility to keep our country safe and secure from the threat of terrorism, it is also our duty to stand up and demand our rights as Americans so the legacy of freedom can be passed to our children.

courtesy: San Jose Mercury News, 4/29/03



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