the Message Continues ... 13/25


Reflections of a tender heart  

"A poem by Okasha Naqvi, 13 years, NJ"


There has always been a moment,
when you think all hope is gone,
You search and search until on you it finally dawns.
There has always been one that looked after you for your best.
There has always been one that helped you get through every test.

That one you cannot see
But in Him you truly believe.
The Most Exalted, the Most High
In whom you could always find strength to cope
but never ever lose hope in

It's ALLAH who helped you stand up to that bully in first grade,
It's ALLAH who showed you everything He had made.
It's ALLAH who upheld your trust when you prayed to win the science fair,
when you cried for help you knew ALLAH was always there.


It's ALLAH who gave you that thing you always wished you had,
It's ALLAH who disciplined you before it would have made you mad.
It's ALLAH who helped you to live on, when you thought you were going to die,
It's ALLAH who helped you say the truth and the courage to never tell a lie.


It's ALLAH who helped you through the SATís
It's ALLAH who listened when you asked for His forgiveness
It's ALLAH who helped you get your favorite toys 
It's ALLAH who stood by your side even though you went so far off.


It was ALLAH who helped you when you were falling down,
He sent you a gift to wipe away that frown.
Let us all thank our ALLAH
whom we cannot see but feel His presence everywhere


Let us thank Him for everything
He is always there when we need Him:
Him alone we worship and to Him alone
we turn for help.





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