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Professor Schimmel will always be missed  !

As a tribute to the late Professor Annemarie Schimmel, the great German
Scholar who passed away on 25 February, 2003 in Bonn, Germany, we dedicate this page to her memory. Professor Annemarie Schimmel was one of the most outstanding German scholars on Islam. 

She authored numerous books and essays on Sufism, Spirituality and Islamic Culture.  " My picture of Islam has emerged not only from a decades-long interest in Islamic literature and art, but even more from the friendship with Muslims all over the world ", said Professor Schimmel in her speech while accepting Peace Prize in 1996. Professor Schimmel will always be missed. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Nasir Shamsi 

The tribute to Professor Annemarie Schimmel appears in 5 parts 

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