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The 3rd Annual UMAA 

Convention 2005
Creating Futures Together
Empowering the Next Generation of Muslims.


May 27-30, 2005 

Wardman Park Marriott Hotel, Washington D.C.


An 'Evolution in the Making' ! This phrase best sums up the Annual UMAA Convention - the most diverse and the largest Annual gathering of the Shia Community from around North America. Numbering over 3000 participants each year, the 1st and 2nd UMAA Conventions have provided a unique networking opportunity for Mumineen. The 3rd Annual UMAA Convention will, inshallah, promise to be yet another depiction of the unity and the diversity of our Community. 

Having looked at the factors of 'Developing the Muslim Community in North America' in 2003 and celebrated "Unity and Diversity' last year, the 2005 convention held on the Memorial Day weekend, will revolve around the following all-important theme: 

Creating Futures Together - Empowering the Next Generation of Muslims 

The only way the youth can become effective Muslims and leaders is through creating an environment where the youths and elders together appreciate that such nurturing can only happen if there is mutual understanding and respect between them. Increasing the voice of youths in community affairs is necessary; the first step is to listen to them.

Listening to the Youth - A Town Hall Meeting on Contemporary Issues Confronting Muslim Youth 

This year's convention presents a unique opportunity to allow elders, leaders and parents to listen to our youth. A 90 minute Town Hall Meeting is the main feature of the Convention. This is an opportunity to give voice to the next generation, as we together build our future in North America. 

Here are some of the topics:

Growing up in America --Challenges and Opportunities 
Grooming Youth as Ambassadors of Islamic Values 
The Importance and Role of Ijtehad for Muslims living in the West 
Building Bridges between America and the Muslim World
The Prospects of a Just Government and Successful Democracy in Iraq
Contribution of Muslims Towards Building Human Civilization

And much more .. 
                    International Speakers on Islam
                    Town Hall Meeting for Youth
                    Awards for Excellence Ceremony
                    Interfaith Discussion
                    Seminars, Workshops & Panel Discussions
                    Islamic Exhibits & Bazaar
                    Book Signing - Meet Authors
                    UMAA Matrimonial Service
                    Islamic Film Festival
                    Restaurants with Halal Food
                    Day Care Services

..And workshops on fascinating subjects: 

1. Career Building
A. Law and Journalism -- Two great Careers
B. Networking
C. Careers in Business

2. Family Issues
A. Spousal Selection
B. Nurturing Relationship with Spouse
C. Conflict Resolution

3. Role of Ijtihad in the changing World
A. It's not the same world
B. Where are we going
C. Issues unique to living in the West

4. Be an Entrepreneur
A. Nut and bolts of starting a new business
B. Ingredients of success in business
C. Sources of funding for small business

5. Family Workshop 
A. Violence in Muslim families
B. Islamic Solution in a troubled marriage
C. Importance of counseling in marriage

6. Education Workshop
A. Watch your child's grades
B. Importance of Sunday School
C. Prospects of a full time Shi'a School

7. Political Workshop
A. Know your rights 
B. The power of vote
C. Get involved in local politics

8. The Women's Workshop
A. Medical issues unique to the Asian Women
B. The mystique of Menopause-
C. Free medical counseling


Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
2660 Woodley Road NW, Washington, DC 20008
Ask for special UMAA Rate of $99/night
1 888-236-2427/1-202-328-2000


To Register

Call or visit 
P. O. BOX 414, Burtonsville, Maryland 20866 USA
1-410- 584-7254/ 1-646- 932-8622



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