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THE EVENT  (al-waqi'ah)
Chapter: 56 (Number of Verses: 96)

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful When the inevitable event comes, (56:1)

no soul will deny its coming (2).

It will abase some and exalt others (3).

When the earth is violently shaken (4)

and the mountains crumbled, (5)

they will become like dust scattered around (6).

On that day, you (mankind) will be divided into three groups: (7)

The people of the right hand - those whose books of records will be placed in their right hands. How happy they will be! (8).

The people of the left hand - those whose books of records will be placed in their left hands. How miserable they will be! (9).

The foremost ones (in faith and virtue) - the foremost ones in receiving their reward (10).

(The foremost ones) will be the nearest ones to God (11)

in the beautiful Paradise (12).

Many of them will be from the ancient people (13) 

and only a few of them from the later generations (14).

They will recline on jeweled couches (15)

facing one another (16).

Immortal youths will serve them (17)

with goblets, jugs and cups of crystal clear wine (18)

which will not cause them any intoxication or illness (19).

Also, they will be served with the fruits of their choice (20)

and the flesh of birds, as they desire (21).

They will have maidens with large, lovely black and white eyes, (22) 

like pearls preserved in their shells, (23) 

as reward for their deeds (24).

They will not hear any unnecessary or sinful talk (25) 

except each other's greetings of, "Peace be with you" (26).

As for the people of the right hand, how happy they will be! (27).

They will live amid the thorn less lot trees (28) 

and banana trees, (29) 

with fruits piled up one on the other, (30) 

and amid the extended shade (31) near to flowing water (32) 

and abundant fruits, (33) 

undiminished and never denied (34) 

and the noble maidens (35) 

that We have created (for the people of the right hand) (36).

We have made them virgins, (37) 

loving and of equal age (38).

These (people of the right hand) consist of many from the ancient (39) 

and many from the later generations (40).

As for the people on the left hand, how miserable they will be! (41).

They will live amid the scorching, (42) 

scalding water and under a shadow of black smoke, (43) 

neither cold nor graceful in shape (44).

They had lived in luxury before this (45) 

and persisted in heinous sins (46).

It was they who said, "Shall we be resurrected after we die and have turned into dust and bones? (47).

Will our ancient forefathers be resurrected too? (48).

(Muhammad), say, "All the ancient and later generations (49) 

will be brought together for an appointment on an appointed day (50).

Then you people who had gone astray and rejected the Truth (51) 

will eat from the fruit of the tree of Zaqqum, (52) 

filling your bellies, with it (53) 

and on top of this you will drink boiling water (54) 

like a thirsty camel" (55).

Such will be their dwelling on the Day of Judgment (56).

It is We who have created you. Why then did you not testify to the Truth? (57).

Have you seen sperm? (58).

Did you create it or was it We who created it? (59).

We have destined death for you and no one can challenge Us (60) 

in replacing you with another creation like you, changing you into a form which you do not know (61).

You certainly knew about (your) first development. Why do you not take heed? (62).

Have you seen what you sow? (63).

Do you make it grow or is it We who make it grow? (64).

Had We wanted, We could have crushed it to bits and you would have been left to lament, (65) 

crying, "We have been left to suffer loss (66).

Surely, we have been deprived (of the benefits)" (67).

Have you seen the water which you drink? (68).

Is it you who sent it down from the clouds or is it We who have sent it down? (69).

Had We wanted, We could have made it salty. Why then do you not give thanks? (70).

Have you seen the fire which you kindle? (71).

Is it you who have produced its tree or is it We who have produced it? (72).

It is We who have made it as a reminder and a means of comfort for the people (73).

(Muhammad), glorify your Lord, the Great One (74).

I do not need to swear by the setting of the stars (75) 

which is indeed a great oath if only you knew it  (76) 

that this is an honorable Quran (77)

preserved in a hidden Book which (78) 

no one can touch it except the purified ones(79). 

(This Quran) is a revelation from the Lord of the Universe (80).

Would you say that this statement is a lie? (81).

Would you reject the sustenance that you receive rather than give thanks? (82).

Why can you not help a soul dying (83)

right before your very eyes? (84). We are closer to him than you, but you cannot see (85).

If you are true to your claim that there is no Day of Judgment, (86) 

why can you not bring it (the soul) back (to life)? (87).

(If a dying soul) is of those near to God, (88) 

it will have rest, happiness, and a beautiful Paradise (89).

If it is of the people of the right hand, (90)

it will be with the people of the right hand, living in peace and security (91).

If it is of those who have rejected the Truth and have gone astray, (92)

 its dwelling will be boiling water (93) 

and the heat of hell fire (94).

This is the absolute Truth and certainty (95).

So glorify the name of your Lord, the Great One (96).





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