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by Shuja Abbas, 12 years, New Jersey

Ramadan, a month of goodness,
A month in which you restrain from bad,
A month where you have to stop yourself from getting mad,
A month in which people have a chance to progress.

Satan is locked in chains,
The doors of hell are closed,
Teachings of Islam are easily spread,
During this month, Allah makes His blessings rain.

Islam is peaceful like a dove,
Ramadan a month of repentance and guidance,
Allah has given us another chance,
Ramadan spreads love.

Satan fights with darkness,
Islam, a fighter with light,
Being bad is not right,
Islam is the religion of righteousness.

Islam is true,
Might is not right,
Might is light,
Satan is untrue.

Ramadan is a month, in which we should repent,
Islam helps,
Satan makes you yelp,
Do you not believe in the miracle of Musa (Moses) and his serpent?

Ramadan is a path to brotherhood,
The doors of heaven are open,
Satan diverts women and men,
Ramadan and goodness are never misunderstood.

We need to have great taqwa and a great self-image,
We need to reevaluate ourselves, 
We need to read the Qur'an, not leave it on the shelf,
We can't afford to lock ourselves in a self-imposed cage.

Ramadan is a month to recharge our batteries,
it gives us a chance to refresh our knowledge about Islam,
To be wise we need to stay calm,
We do not need to wait another few centuries.

We can't afford to divide our community,
We need to be hard working,
We need to be devoted to our cause, 
We need to have unity.

In a distant land, we came as ambassadors of Islam,
We need to read and follow Allah's word,
If we are steadfast, we can be like a free bird,
and have a contented heart, peaceful and calm.

Ramadan is the month, which can make our dreams come true,
But is there time left to dream ?
We need to work together like a team,
We need to expand Islam as far as the sky that's blue.

Let us pray together for forgiveness,
Let us pray for guidance and truth,
Let us take advantage of our youth,
Let us pray for goodness.

Let us pray for our Imam,
Let us show our imam we believe him,
Let us not make the light of Islam dim,
Let us pray to never have a person who is as corrupt as Saddam.




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