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the victims of tsunami disaster!
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Red Cross Red Crescent Appeal to help the vistims of the Tsunamis Disaster: 

Tsunamis: Red Cross Red Crescent relief effort in full swing as death toll  continues to mount 
31 December 2004

With the number of those killed in the devastating Asian earthquake and  tsunamis rising to over 120,000, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red  Crescent societies has put in place what looks set to be its largest emergency 
relief operation ever.

The initial response by Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers in the vital  first few days of the crisis in evacuating survivors and providing emergency  relief materials is being bolstered by an international operation which will  assist over two million people in the most vulnerable communities affected by the  crisis over the next six months. 

Despite difficulties faced by the Red Cross/Red Crescent teams on the ground  due to lack of access, transportation and communication, a massive relief  effort is under way. 

In Indonesia, where some 80,000 lives have been lost, the focus remains on  providing shelter and health care. An International Federation field assessment  team is in the country to assess the most urgent needs faced by the country,  and how best to support the efforts of the Indonesian Red Cross. Five emergency  response units (ERUs), specializing in logistics, water and sanitation and 
basic health care will be in place this weekend. These teams have been provided  as part of the Federation’s operation by the Danish, French, German, Japanese  and Spanish Red Cross Societies

In Sri Lanka, where over 27,000 people have died and almost 900,000 are  displaced, the need for basic shelter and food is immense. Seven flights carrying  Red Cross health materials and relief goods from all over the world have  already arrived on the island, with four more scheduled to land in Colombo by Friday  morning.

Five ERUs specializing in telecommunications, health care, water and  sanitation, and logistics are now in place and another three teams with expertise in  relief and health care are due to arrive in the next few days. 
A Federation field assessment team has arrived in the Maldives, where while  destruction was less severe, initial reports indicate that the need for safe  water and sanitation is high.

“The main challenge we are facing is to ensure continuity of relief supplies,  and guaranteeing the health of these vulnerable communities. This will be  easier to achieve with the deployment of our specialized ERUs,” says Mostafa  Mohaghegh, operations coordinator for the International Federation. “It is vital  we get people under shelter and receiving adequate assistance as quickly as 
possible to avoid preventable physical and psychological problems.”

Note to editors: a website, has been created to  accommodate the huge demand from the public to donate.

For further information, or to set up interviews, please contact: 

Marie-Françoise Borel, Press Officer Tel: + 41 22 730 43 46 
Eva Calvo, Press Officer Tel: + 41 22 730 43 57
Roy Probert, Press Officer Tel: + 41 22 730 42 96
Sian Bowen, Head of Media Tel: + 41 79 217 33 88
Duty phone Tel: + 41 79 416 38 81

The Geneva-based International Federation promotes the humanitarian  activities of 181 National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies among vulnerable  people. By coordinating international disaster relief and encouraging development  support, it seeks to prevent and alleviate human suffering. The Federation,  National Societies and the International Committee of the Red Cross together,  constitute the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. 

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