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by Jalal-ud Din Rumi

Ghazal 1671 (Divan Shams-i Tabriz)

Translation by Professor William Chittick


Whether we speak of joy or heartache, let us sit as a congregation and speak together.

Should our companion travel far, we will do the same; should he move less, so will we.

Let us and our companions have the same heart and breath and attack Rustam's battle lines like fire!

Though we be men, traveling alone we will achieve only lamentation and mourning, like women.

If we go on the hajj without companions, we will surely not reach the Kaaba.

We are the strings on a harp -- as parts of it, let us sing high and low!

We were all in Adam's congregation, let us return together to Adam!


Our point is hidden -- Adam is but an expedient:  Let us pitch our tents on the shore of the Greatest Ocean!

When the Solomon of Subsistence comes to His Throne, we will kiss His signet ring a hundred thousand times.






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