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Between God and 

His servant are two veils
From Fihi ma fihi by Rumi
courtesy: Sunlight


    Between God and His servant are just two veils;
all other veils become manifest from these two:  health and
wealth.  He who is healthy says, "Where is God?  I don't know
and I don't see."  As soon as he begins to suffer, he says, "Oh
God!  Oh God!", and he begins sharing his secrets with Him
and talking to Him.  So you see that health was his veil, and
God was hidden under his pain.  So long as man has riches, he
gathers together all the means of achieving his desires.  Night
and day he busies himself with them.  But as soon as he loses
his wealth, his ego weakens and he turns round about God.

Discourses of Rumi (Fihi ma fihi) 233/240
           Translation by Prof. William C. Chittick
           "The Sufi Path of Love"
           State University of New York Press, Albany, 1983





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