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Why ?
by Okasha Naqvi, age 13, New Jersey

Why were we made?
We have reached the stars,
next comes mars !
but did it ever occur to us instead ?
Why we have been created...use your head.
Did we come to cheat, steal and lie,
or was it to spread God's message and not ask why?
Did we come to destroy every creation?
Or to spread Islam to every nation?
Is our mission to destroy all of our kind?
or to start a new future and leave the past behind !
Is our goal to capture Saddam Husain?
and make the whole world go insane?
or was it to capture the wisdom of scholars and to gain knowledge.....

Is our ethics of those who look down at the poor?
or is it to gibe charity and love,
whit an open door.
sour wish to be richer than bill gates?
or is it for peace and prosperity  with no hate.
Is our dream to make it to Hollywood?
or to be the one who could practice Islam?

Why are we made?
So God coud answerp; our plead to win the Lotto?
is that why we pray?
OR to appreciate the things that Allah had made?
were we made to fear our end?
Or to be ready for it as if to meet a friend.
Is our goal to be the first employee?
Or to be the first in Allah's eyes
and to reach the heavens, to reach the skies !
Are we here to give Satan a treat?
and make him happy ?
Or to give him a full defeat
and make him unhappy !

We were made for extraordinary ways
so much we can do
there are so many "plays"
but the real purpose for all existence
is all around you
within you, inside you !
So ask yourself today,
Are we here to be the world's slave?
or for the world to be our slave?




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