the Message Continues ... 8/28





      by Okasha Naqvi, New Jersey, 13 years



I stood up slowly from my sleep,
the sky was barely lit,
I tore from the temptation of sleep with all my might.
I dragged myself down the stairs, the aroma of food filled the air,
my family was getting ready for sahoor,
looking half asleep,
I walked into the kitchen slowly,
making sure not to make a peep,
and quickly gobbled down my food ,
hoping to get some sleep,
I prayed with all my heart,
for God to help on this day,
to keep me aware of what was bad,
and never to go astray.

Tears flushed my eyes,
I begged for all my sins to be forgiven,
and thanked God for everything He had most mercifully given.

The day was longer than ever before,
my craving for food became more and more.
I stopped and paused.
What was I really doing?
Was this fast about my poor stomach,
and the food that it was missing?
Or was it more, another clue
for the answer I was wishing.

Some where I had heard not too long ago,
if you sat and thought you would know.
I sat under the most graceful tree,    
letting all emotions go,
I don't know if anyone could've felt more free.
I closed my eyes
my head to the sky,
I knew that in this month....
This holy month...
A rang in my ears,
it rang and rang and helped the pouring tears.
This was the holy month of Ramadan
Allah sent His Message
to the Earth
the Holy Book of al-Quran
what was this message...
Did I ever care..
To read more than Arabic....
Was I aware?

Then the answer slowly dawned...
That this month was a simple test..
This month ... the very best...
Now I have taken the time to rest
and realize what is fast all about
It's not to talk behind your brother's back
to give to others, who have nothing to live in but a shack.
To walk away
To not see
to not say
to not hear
other than what you need.
If I did not believe...than indeed my hand ears, nose, mouth and eyes
will surely tell on me.

This month does not simply come and go,
it stays as rainbow makes a mark in the sky,
as the most beautiful dove passes you by,
this month brings a model what I must do every day,
to be careful of what I think and say,
this month, it's name...
It dawned at once...
The holy month
the one of a kind
when the doors of hell are closed
and evil is in chains
in this one, and only
month of Ramadan.





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