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Article 8

T H E  B O D Y


The Body was arguing with itself one day .....

"If it weren't for me, the brain thought, nothing would think to operate!"


"And," rolled the eyes, "What if I didn't SEE it first!!!!! 

What could you know?"


 "HAH!" blasted the mouth. "If me and my voice didn't say anything then no one would believe there was



"EXACTLY." Interrupted the ears.  "And who could HEAR it?  I'd Love to hear your answer!"

The hands began gesticulating, "EARS?  Ears, my stupid  peers, are only for some things.  WE Hands give thoughts and ideas shape!  WE form what cannot be seen in the spoken word so that in ANY language. ALL thoughts and ideas CAN BE communicated

To ANY body!"


"EX-CUUUSE ME!  But without these arms, how will you FORM ANYTHING?" The arms said while folding themselves firmly across the chest.


"As if WALKING is not important. How do you intend to get anywhere?"  kicked in the legs indignantly.


A LOUD gurgling sound came from below as the stomach belched,  "What am I, chopped liver?  You guys need to re-examine this.."THIS BODY."


The stomach burped again adding, "How do you get the energy to do ANYTHING if I am not FED first?'


Now, they all conceded this to be a SOLID opinion until the teeth chomped at this opportunity to say,  "And how is this ENERGY to be BROKEN DOWN small enough for ANY of you to GIVE  energy to ANY THING, Mr. Disgusting burping and belching breath?"

Again, a BIG point!


As the arguing escalated, and began deteriorating each one's importance as a Gift----The Heart answered them all in one sentence,  "If The Body does NOT have a HEART.what

good are ANY of you?"


Only silence could be heard...  then The Heart began to pound loudly and with every beat came a question:


"Who could think of ways to help someone in need?"

"Who could see how to help?"

"Who could speak out in defense of the good?"

"Who could hear the voice of Justice?"

"Who could hold trembling hands?"

"Who could reach out with strength?"

"Who could feel the Peace of being fed?"

"And what could bite the evil so it would run, bleeding and dying into a permanent darkness?"


"WOW!"  said all The Body in unison!

The Body then straightened and with Dignity, The Body bowed in Humility and Gratefulness and began to pray.


    -- From Munira Khatchatoriyan, New York, 1997


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