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by Marryam Naqvi 8 years old

M  agnificent person

O  rganizer of family
T  rustworthy forever
H  onest guide
E  ager to help
R  responsible

M  otivated
A  wesome
M  otherly
A  ffectionate

M  odest
O  rigantor
M  arvelous

M  agical
A  lways there for you

by Aqeela Naqvi, 10 years

I, your mother, bring you into this world,
I watch you as you move your tiny hands, with happiness filling my heart
I watch you grow up so fast, with all experiences,
I am there when you first learn to crawl, walk and talk
I watch you start school,
I see joy fill your face, and then suddenly you are starting to grow up
learning how to draw, color without coming out of the lines,
learning how to cook, and sew, learning how to deal with problems at school, and how to figure out who are your real friends, then you are off to college,
I no longer see your smiling face, every morning when I wake up and it just seems like a few days until you are married, and live far away
you have your own children and go through all the steps I have gone through,
I am now a grandmother and I hope you will not forget all that I have done for you, to give you a better future all I want you to know is that,
I will always be at your side no matter what, when you are sad, I will be there to cheer you up, when you are in difficult times, I will be there for you to talk to, when you are sick, I will be there to help you, I will always be there no matter what, to put my needs aside and fulfill yours.
No matter how old you are, I will always be there, because I am your mother


by Okasha Naqvi, 12 years

 As  L I T T L E  G I R L S:
we are angels who like to play around,
when we go to sleep, we never make a sound.

As  DA U G H T E R S:

Now we are a little older and tend  to be more modest,

We look up to the Prophet's daughter, who is our role model.
As  L A D I E S:
we are a teacher, our cradle is the first school to all, we defend and always attend to our child’s call. we stay up all night to make sure  our child is okay, and by their side all night is where we lovingly stay.
We put our needs away on the side, but make sure our children are properly raised, and when they are old enough we teach them how Allah must sincerely be praised.

As M O T H E R S:

"We look after our children, and teach them lots of morals".
we are the fountain of guidance,
the soul of experience,
and the heart of love.
We now look at ourselves,
we stand up tall
in love and gratitude
for all the work we
have done after all.

As G R A N D  M O T H E R S we are:
important roles
heavenly souls

In essence, we are:

sweet little daughters.
modest young ladies.
hardworking mothers.
wise grandmothers.
life long partners.

Although we are known by different names: as
and an honorable leader yet we are all



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