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Are you ready  ?  
  by Okasha Naqvi (12 Years)

 Are you ready
 or do you think you'll live for ever
 or die tomorrow, you can't be sure but let's think
 what would happen if you died !
 You will, perhaps, be mourned by many
 you will see the Angel of death
 and will take your final breath
 you'll awaken with layers of soil on top
 at the bottom of a dank, fearful narrowness
 You will think Oh No!!
 I spent all my life paying attention to stocks
 yearning to see my money grow
 Now. how will I answer?
 Am I ready?
 do I really know?
 Your deeds wil be placed right in front of your eyes
 Your limbs will talk
 and narrate what you had been doing 
 they will tell all secrets,
 and all those dark and
 vengeful lies !
 How about the good deeds
 Saum, Salat and Charity
 Ah, they are in such meagre amount
 You can't go back to make up
 All you cared for was the Money in the account
 Questions will have to be answered of everything you did
 Sins will be re-paid
 sins you wish you never did.
 You're screaming now--
 really scared
 your being tortured, no mercy spared
 NO one to hear your  apologies and pleas
 the only thing that could help was the good deeds.
 You wil taste fire
 The flames raise higher
 Bu this is not the end
 you are to answer to your Lord on the day of Reckoning
 when the whole world will attend
 Two places will then lie before you:
 Hell with its rising flames
 its fuel, men and stones,
 or Heaven with its Celestial touch
 will sooth you to the bone
 Now let's zoom back to where you are standing now,
 My brothers and sisters
 don't wait for tomorrow
 we must start now!
 Don't wait for tomorrow
 because life is so uncertain
 and always keep the question in
 your mind
 what if you died....!