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A Poem on Hajj 
-- by Okasha Naqvi 15 yrs, NJ


Once a year it happens,
everyone is busy about,
Here comes that special time
when we go visit Allah’s House!

Our hearts become delighted,
as we step upon the plane,
and we're sure that once we get there,
the things just won’t be the same.

We rent a room and then late at night go to sleep
we wake up early…. do Namaaz
and recite from Allah's Book.
Our hearts are pure and minds full of thought,
that now is our chance,
the chance we had been waiting for !

Staring in amazement as we circle the Kaaba round n’ round,
you feel you are safe as you hear the chanting sound:
of Muslim brothers and sisters praying to their Lord.
You decide to join in:
I am here my Lord, my lord—that sustains and gives to all,
All Praise is for you, dear Lord !
I have heard your call.
My Lord I rush to you and trust you with my life,
I would sacrifice anything for you,
I am here, all praise be for you !
My lord thank you for the privilege,
of being in your Holy place,
its almost as if we’re standing face to face.

You pray some more,
and before you know it
it’s time to leave
you take one look back at this beautiful place,
Tears come to your eyes
as you hope you’ll come again,
and you remember, and know
that all your sins are forgiven
and the Lord is beside you all the way until the end.



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