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Don't Let Life Pass You By
by Michael Mayer 

I just had the most inspiring experience.
I threw a plastic wrapping into the trash,
And instead of turning to the next activity,
Instead of following what seems to be the natural progression of things, I stopped,
And just watched as the plastic fell and then stayed and then fell some more  until it settled into the bottom of the can.
Now some say that life is a train and if you stand idly by you will miss the  flow.
Well I say right here and right now that perfection for me was in observation  of the plastic and the can, I say, as I became still enough to observe, that life wasn't about catching  the train or about staying afloat or even finishing the race, Whether it be "first" or "last", Nay, I say that every movement, every sight and sound and smell and feel, I say that this was and is the key that can open the door to greater  experience and understanding.
To me, watching that piece of plastic was a symphony of sorts,
A perfect act within a perfect play.
Just watch a child or speak with the elderly,
Life, for them, is to be tasted and cherished,
Everything slows down,
Not because of inactivity,
But because of the opposite,
Because movement and dance is all around us and within us if we would but  take the time to look and listen, to taste and feel,
To cherish and to be,
This is good enough for me,
In fact, it is the key to Being, free :) 


Rainbow Light
A poem by Demi Ray 


Some see a rainbow.
I see the light.
Fragmented vision
Sees colors in sight.

Pot of gold ain’t there.
Won’t waste my time
Squeezing old lemons.
Child, I grow fresh lime.

Some see a rough road.
I see a bridge.
Back and forth I go
Mingling with the rich.

They buy my jelly
And drink my wine*.
Everyone’s happy.
I go home to dine.

Some see a long walk.
I see the view.
I like the scent of
Roses in my shoe.

Some see a short life.
I see it full.
Knitting by winter
Summer spinning wool.

Some see a short life.
I see it full.

Some see a long walk.
I see the view.

Some see a rough road.
I see a bridge. 

Some see a rainbow
I see the LIGHT!

Oh, I swear by the afterglow of sunset,
And by the night and all that it enshroudeth,
And by the moon when she is at the full
That ye shall journey on from plane to plane.




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