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  Article 9 

'To each is a goal to which Allah turns him; then strive together towards all that is good wherever you are, Allah will bring you together.
For Allah has power over all things.'  (2:148)

'Those that give alms by day and night, in private and in public, shall be rewarded by their Lord. They have nothing to fear or to regret.' (2:274)

P R E S S  R E L E A S E

March 13th, 2002 - Zilhajj 1422

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

Salamun Alaikum,

Allah O Akbar!! MFI is pleased to announce that the closing of the proposed property in Franklin, NJ occurred today and the purchase was finalized. The Property will be used for the Mosque, Islamic Center, Library and a full-time School.

Those of you who sent your donations towards the noble cause, may Allah reward and bless you and your families. Others can join in this noble effort and earn the manifold rewards for contributing to building the ' Baitullah '.

MFI is now -- Alhamudullilah -- closer to realizing its envisioned dream of a long awaited Islamic Complex. MFI looks forward to working together with the Community to realize and complete this much-needed project for collective benefit of the ummah.. The mosque and Center will not only assist the Muslim youth to remain within the realm of Islam but also help promote understanding of Islam to non-Muslims.   

We at the MFI are excited at the progress of the Mosque Project. Inshallah, soon you'll see the Minaret stand tall against the Franklin horizon. We look forward to your continued moral and financial support. You may forward this Press Release to  your friends.

Thanking you for your kind support,

Nasir Shamsi 

Chairman, Board of Trustees 

Manzoor Rizvi, MD                                              
, Executive Board


Aftab Husain, MD                          

President, Fund Raising Committee


PO Box 390,  Bloomfield NJ 07003-4014
FAX: 973 338 7696 EMAIL:
Tax Exempt # 22-2413703


Muslim Foundation Inc. has embarked on the noble task of building a Masque in central New Jersey to fulfill on absolute need, and a long-cherished dream of our community. The Salaat (prayer) is a pillar of our faith and congregational prayers are highly recommended. It creates a since of unity, discipline and spiritual satisfaction. The fast task that the Holy Prophet
undertook Upon arriving in Medina was to construct a Mosque. Since then, as per the Sunnah of the Prophet, Muslims construct a Mosque wherever they reside. The Mosque is called 'Bait Allah' - the house of God. By building a Mosque you will be rewarded with a house in paradise, according to a tradition.

'Each sum they give, be it small or large, and each journey they undertake, shall be noted down, so that Allah may reward them for their noblest deeds.' (9:121)

!!! Invest in the Muslim Children of Tomorrow !!!
The Mosque is the Soul of a Community and a Symbol of Islam  


Take advantage and hasten to participate in the noble task of building a Masjid.