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Lives of the Twelve Imams From the Alhe Bait (AS)

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Source Books of Reference:

1. Qur'an, translation by Abd Allah Yusuf Ali.

2. Nahj ul-Balagha (Peak of Eloquence), translated by Askari Ja'fary.

3. Kitab al-Irshad (The Book of Guidance), translated by I.K.A.Howard.

4. A Shi'ite Creed (I'tiqadat-ul Imamiyyah), by ash-Shaykh as-  Saduq, translated by Asaf A.A.Fayzee.

5. Encyclopedia of Islam, compiled and published under the Patronage of the International Union of Academies, Leiden.

Books on the Philosophy and Facts on Itimate and Caliphate:

6. mamate, by Seed Sated Akhtar Rizvi.

7. Imamate And Khilafat, by Maulana Syed Najm-ul Hasan.

8. Shi'a, by Allamah Syed Muhammad Husayn Taba'taba'i, translated

by Syed Husayn Nasr.

9. Shi'ism: Doctrines, Thought, and Spirituality, edited and Introduction by Syed Husayn Nasr, Hamid Dabashi, and Syed Vali Reza Nasr. 10. The Origins and Early Development of Shi'a Islam, by S.H.M. Jafri.  I 1. God's Caliph, by Patricia Crone and Martin Hinds.

12. Khilafat wa Mulukiyyat, by Maulana Syed Abu al-A'ala Maududi.

13. The Role of Ahle Bait in Preserving the Teachings of Islam, by Allama Syed Murtadha Askari.

14. Ma'rafate Aale Muhammad, by Muzzafar Ali Khan.

15. Al-Balagh ul-Mubeen, by Agha Muhammad Sultan Mirza Dehlvi.

 Books on the History of Islam:

16. The Early History of Islam, by Sayyid Safdar Husayn.

17. Tareekh-e Ahmadi, by Nawwab Sheikh Ahmad Husain.

18. Muntakhib ut-Twarikh, Vols.  I & 11, by Muhammad Hashim b. Muhammad Ali, Mash-hadi.

19. Tareekh-e Ma'sumeen, by Maulana Syed Muhammad Muhsin.

20. A Sort History of Islam, by Dr. Nazir Hasan Zaidi.

21. A Brief History of The Fourteen Infallibles, published by World Organization for Islamic Services, Tehran, Iran.

Books on the Biography of the Twelve Imams:

22.  The Brother Of The Prophet Muhammad (Tbe Imam Ali) Vol I & II, by Muhammad Jawad Chirri.

23.  Imam Ali: The Man Of All Eras, compiled and Edited by Dr. Syed Manzoor N. Rizvi.

24. Ali The Magnificent, by Yousuf N. Lalljee.

25. Hadrat Ali, by Professor Masud-ul Hasan.

26. The First Intellectual Muslim Thinker (Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib), by Muhammad Abdul Rauf PHD

27.  Sulh al-Hasan (The Peace Treaty of al-Hasan), by Shaykh Radi al­Yasin, and translated into English by Jasim al-Rasheed.

28. Husain, The Savior of Islam, by S.V. Mir Ahmad Ali.

29. The Martyr For Mankind, an abridgement and translation of the original Urdu works by Allamah Ali Naqi Naqvi into English by S.  Ali Akhtar, and edited by I.K.A. Howard.

30. A Probe into The History of Ashura, by Dr. Ibrahim Ayati.

31. The Tragedy of Karbala, by Syed Mohsin Naquvi.

32. Nuqush-e Ismat, by Allam Syed Zeeshan Haider Jawadi.

33. Chaudah Sitaray, by Maulana Syed Najm ul-Hasan Karrarwi.

34. Barah Imam, by Maulana Abd ar-Rehman Jami.

35. The Fourteen Infallibles, series of fourteen biographical small books on the life and teachings of the Prophet of Islam, his daughter Fatimah and the twelve Imams from the Able Bait tanslated into English by M.N. Sultan, and edited by Yasin T. al-Jabouri.

36. Seerat-e A'aimma, series of twelve biographical small books on the life and teachings of each Imam by the Majlis-e Musanefeen, Qum, Iran, and translated into Urdu by Syed Ahmad Ali Abidi.

37. The Voice of Human Justice, by George Jordae.

38.    Al-Mahdi (AS), by Sayyed Sadrudin Sadr, translated by Jalil Dorrani.

39. Holy Qur'an And Imam Mahdi', compiled by as-Sayyid Farhat Husain al-Moosawi al-Hyderabadi, and published by Imaam Husain (AS) Association, Toronto, Canada.

40. The Occultation of The Twelfth Imam, by Jassim M. Hussain.

Books on the Quotes and Sayings of the Twelve Imams:

41.     Message of the House of the Prophet, collected and published by Sheikh Hasan Sa'eed, Tehran, Iran.

42.     A Bundle of Flowers from the Garden of Traditions of the Prophet & Ahlul-Bayt, compiled by Ayatullah Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani, translated by Mr. Sayyid Abbas Sadr-'ameli, edited by Ms. Celeste Smith.

43.     Living and Dying with Grace, Counsels of Hadrat Ali, translated by Thomas Cleary.

44. Excellent sayings of The Prophet Muhammad / Excellent Sayings of Hazrat Ali, published by Khaneghah and Maktab of Maleknia Naseralishah.