Iqbal in Years:

Year Date and Month Event
Towards the end of the eighteenth or the beginning of the nineteenth century Iqbal's ancestors migrated from Kashmir and settled down in Sialkot, in Mohalla Khatikan.

1877 9 November Iqbal was born in Sialkot.

He obtained his early education in the maktab of Maulana Ghulam Hasan and Allama Syed Mir Hasan.

He was admitted to Mission High School, Sialkot.

"While he was at school he started composing verses." (Sir Abdul Qadar).

1891 * As a student of Mission High School, Sialkot, he passed the Anglo-Vernacular Middle School Examination from the Punjab University. 1892

* Started composing verses in a regular way. His ghazal was published in the November issue of Zaban, Delhi; This ghazal is so far considered his earliest published ghazal.

1893 * He went to Gujrat to take the Entrance (High School) Examination.

* Passed the High School Examination in the First Division from Scotch Mission High School, Sialkot, and was awarded medal and scholarship.

April Married Karim Bibi (the mother of Aftab Iqbal the daughter of Khan Bahadur Ata Mohammed Khan, the civil surgeon of Gujrat.

7 May Was admitted to the First Year (class XI) in Scotch Mission High School.
1895 * As a student of Scotch, Mission High School he passed the Intermediate Examination of the Punjab University in the Second Division.

* Came to Lahore was admitted to B.A. class in Government College stayed in the Oriental Hostel (now Iqbal Hostel) in Room No. 1.

December Participated in -Urdu Bazm-i-Mushaira", held in Andaroon-i-Bhati Darwaza.

1896 * Became a member of the Anjuman-i-Kashmiri Musalmanan, Lahore.

1897 * Passed his B.A. Examination in the Second Division; stood First in Arabic and was awarded the Khan Bahadur F. S. JaIaluddin Medal.

1898 December Was admitted to the First Year class of Lahore Law School. He took the Law Examination but failed in Fiqah (Religious Jurisprudence).

1899 * Did M.A. in Philosophy and was placed in the 'third Division.

* Shifted from Quadrangle Hostel, Room No 1, to a house in Andaroon-i-Bhati Gate, Koocha Jalootian.

13 May Was appointed Macleod Arabic Reader in Oriental College, Lahore.

12 November Became a member of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam, Lahore.

* Aftab Iqbal was born.

1900 24 February Recited his famous poem "Nala-i-Yateem" in the annual meeting of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.

1901 1 January Was appointed to teach English at Islamia College, Lahore, for six months.

24 February Recited the poem "Dard-i-Dil" in the annual meeting of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.

April The poem "Himala" was published in the first issue of Makhzan.

1 July Iqbal came back to his old job in Oriental College, Lahore.

* Took the Extra Assistant Commissionership Examination but was rejected by the Medical Board.
* Participated in the Kashmiri Conference which was presided over by Nawab Sir Saleemullah.

1902 23 February Recited the poem "Islamia College Ka Khitab Punjab Ke Musalmanon Ko" in the annual meeting of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam. The Chairman of the meeting, Miyan Nizamuddin, Sub-Judge, Rawalpindi, bestowed upon him the title of "Malik-ul-Shuara."
August Iqbal thought of going to America for higher studies.
3 October was appointed to teach English at Government College, Lahore, for six months.

1903 1 March Recited the poem "Faryad-i-Ummat" in the annual meeting of the Anjunian-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
3 April The term of his services at Government College, Lahore expired.
3 June Iqbal was appointed Assistant Professor of Philosophy in Government College, Lahore.
* His first book Ilumul Iqtisad was published.

1904 August Visited his elder brother, Sheikh Ata Mohammad, in Abbotabad in the summer vacations. There, on the request of friends, Iqbal gave a lecture on "National Life." To this visit we owe the poem "Abr" in Bang-i-Dara.

1905 * Took Study Leave from Government College, Lahore.
1 September Proceeded to Europe for higher studies.
2 September Arrived at Delhi; visited the shrine of Nizamuddin, Aulia and the tomb of Ghalib.
3 September Left Delhi.
4 September Arrived at Bombay.
7 September Left Bombay by ship for London.
24 September Reached London.
25 September Reached Cambridge.
* Admission to Trinity College, Cambridge.

1907 * Took the B. A. Degree of Cambridge University.
1 June Attended Professor Arnold's Dinner at Cambridge.
July Proceeded to Germany in the third week.
* Completed his Ph.D. thesis, "The Development of Metaphysics in Persia," during his stay at Heidelberg and Munich. Was awarded Ph. D. degree by the Munich University.

1908 * Taught Arabic at London University for some time.
1 July Was called to the Bar.
27 July On his return to Lahore, Sheikh Gulab Din gave a Reception Dinner in his honour at Bagh Bairoon-i-Bhati Darwaza.
* Iqbal Stayed in a house in Mohan Lal Road (now Urdu Bazar).
1 August In Sialkot, the citizens gave him a warm Reception.
October He shifted his residence to a house in Anarkali.
30 October The Chief Court of the Punjab gave him permission to practise law.
* The Anjuman-i-Kashmiri Musalmanan, Lahore, was revived and Iqbal was appointed its Secretary.
December A delegation of the Anjuman-i-Kashmiri Musalmanan was led by Iqbal to meet Nawab Sir Saleemullah at Amritsar.
* The Development of Metaphysics in Persia was published.

1909 6 February Iqbal was elected General Secretary of the Anjuman-i-Kashmiri Musalmanan, Lahore.
24 February Was appointed a member of the Anjuman-i Himayat-i-Islam for three years.
May Was appointed the Acting Professor of Philosophy at Government College, Lahore.

1910 2 February Was appointed a member of the General Council of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i- Islam.
18 March Proceeded on a journey to the South.
* At Hyderabad he met Maharaja Sir Kishan Prasad "Shad" and Sir Akbar Haideri.
29 March Returned to Lahore.
April Recited his poem "Shikwa" in presence of his father, Sheikh Noor Mohammed, at the annual meeting of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
* Presided over the third meeting of the All India Mohammedan Educational Conference, at Delhi.

1912 16 April Recited the poem -Shama aur Shair" at the annual meeting of tile Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.

1913 7 September Arrived at Kanpur; met the Collector. Kanpur, in connexion with the demolition of a mosque-Khwaja Hasan Nizami accompanied him.
8 September Arrived at Allahabad; met Akbar Allahabadi. Arrived at Delhi; met Hakim Ajmal Khan.
* Tarikhi-i-Hind was published-for which Iqbal collaborated with Lala Ram Prasad, Professor, Government College, Lahore.
* Iqbal recited the poem "Jawab-i-Shikwa" in a public meeting held at Bagh Bairoon-i- Mauchi Darwaza, Lahore.

1914 * Married Sardar Begum (mother of Javed Iqbal) - his second marriage.
9 November Iqbal's mother, Imam Bibi, expired in Sialkot.
December Married Mukhtar Begum - his third marriage.

1915 17 January Letter to Maulana Girami "I am losing interest in writing poetry in Urdu. I feel more disposed towards writing poetry in Persian, and the reason is that I cannot fully express the pent-up feelings of my heart in Urdu."
17 October Iqbal's daughter, Miraj Begum, born of his first wife, died.
* Asrar-i-Khudi was published.

1916 30 January Iqbal was elected member of the General Council of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
14 July Letter to Syed Fasihullah Kazmi regarding the reaction of certain circles to Asrar-i-Khudi "I am of the opinion that the poetry of Hafiz, in particular, as well as Persian poetry, in general, has had a very depressing effect on the character and general life of the Muslims. For this reason I have written against Hafiz, I expected that people would oppose and abuse me, but my conscience would compel me to speak out the truth."

1917 13 November Letter to Syed Sulaiman Nadvi ,,Even the very concept of tasawwuf is an alien plant on the soil of Islam, one which has been brought up in the intellectual climate. of Ajamis (non-Arabs, specially Persians)."

1918 * For some time Iqbal taught. Philosophy at Islamia College, Lahore.
* Ramooz-i-Bekhudi was published.

1919 14 December He was appointed the General Secretary of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
30 December Delivered a speech in favour of the Turks in a public meeting held at Bairoon-i-Mauchi Darwaza and presided over by Miyan Fazal Husain.

1920 31 March Was again elected the General Secretary of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
* The English Translation of Asrar-i-Khudi, by Professor Nicholson, was published in London.

1921 7 September Letter to Wahid Ahmad ,The truth is that the European ethos made me a Muslim."

1922 16 April Iqbal recited the poem "Khizr-i-Rah" at the annual meeting of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
31 July He resigned from the post of the Honorary General Secretary of the Anjuman-i- Himayat-i-Islam.
1 September Letter to Ibrahim Hanif "It is a long time since I have given tip the study of Philosophy."
14 October He was elected member of the General Council of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
December Towards the end of the month he shifted his residence to a house in Macleod Road.
* The first book on Iqbal, A Voice from the East, by Nawab Sir ZuIfiqar Ali, was published.

1923 1 January Iqbal was awarded Knighthood by the British Government.
4 January Letter to Ghulam Bheck Nairang (in connexion with the award of Knighthood) "Such events are too low to arouse any feelings. I have received hundreds of letters and telegrams, and I am wondering why people regard these things as valuable ... By the glorious. God... no power in the world can prevent me from speaking out the truth."
17 January A Reception was given in his honour by the citizens of Lahore at Maqbara-i-Jehangir. He made a speech at a Reception organised by the Philosophical Society of Government College, Lahore.
30 March He recited the poem "Tulu-i-Islam" at the annual meeting of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
24 June Letter to Zamindar -To have Bolshevik ideas is, in my opinion, to debar oneself from the premises of Islam. Both the Capitalism of the West and the Bolshevism of Russia are results of extremism. The way of moderation is one that has been taught by Quran."
8 July Iqbal was appointed the Secretary General of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam for the second time.
* Payam-i-Mashriq was published.

1924 19 May He resigned from the post of the Secretary Gencral of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam and was elected the President of the Anjuman.
28 July Resigned from the Presidentship of the Anjuman.
September Bang-i-Dara was published.
15 October Javed Iqbal was born.
19 October Journey to Ludhiana.
21 October His third wife, Makhtar Begum, died in Ludhiana.

1926 20 July While contesting the membership of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, he made the following statement "I have been aloof from all such activities. But now the miseries of the community are compelling me to broaden my sphere of activity. May be, my humble existence is of some use to this community."
23 November Iqbal was elected member of the 'Punjab Legislative Assembly.
* The first Urdu book on Iqbal, Iqbal, by Maulvi Ahmaduddin Vakil, was published.

1927 24 March Iqbal presided over a meeting held at Habibia Hall (Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood spoke on "Religion and Science").
16 April Iqbal gave a Lecture in English on -The Spirit of Islamic Culture" at the annual meeting of the Anjuman-Islam.
May He was appointed the Convenor of the Relief Committee instituted following the Hindu-Muslim riots of Dabbi Bazar, Lahore.
* The Persian Text Book for High School students, Aina-i-Ajam, was published.
June Zaboor-i-Ajam was published.
* Iqbal actively participated in the functioning of the Punjab Legislative Assembly.

1928 8 April He gave a lecture on -,Islamic Philosophy'' at the annual meeting of the Anjuman-i-Humayat-i-Islam
* Gave his Presidential Address on "A Plea for the Deeper Study Of the Muslim Scientists" at a meeting of the Oriental Congress, Lahore.
December After attending a meeting of the All Parties Muslim Conference, at Delhi, Iqbal made a journey to South India via Bombay From where lie took a sea-route - Chaudhry Mohd. Husain and Abdullah Chughtai were his fellow-travellers.
1929 7 January At Madras he spoke at a Reception organized by the Anjuman-i-Khawatin-i-Islam.
9 January At Bangalore he attended a Reception organized by the members of the Muslim Library and the Anjuman
10 January He arrived at Mysore. At Mysore University lie gave his Lecture on -Knowledge and Religious Experience."
11 January At Mysore Town Hall he attended a Reception organized by the Muslims of Mysore City and the Yateem Khana-i-Islamia.
* Visited the tomb of Sultan Tipu Shaheed.
15 January Arrived at Hyderabad.
* Gave three Lectures on different topics.
18 January Met the Nizam of Deccan.
14 April Back in Lahore he gave a lecture on "The Study of the Quran" at the annual meeting of the Anjuman-iHimayat-i-Islam.
May His name was proposed for the post of Judge, Punjab High Court, but he was not appointed owing to the opposition of the Chief Justice.
13 November He attended a meeting of the Union of the Aligarh Intermediate College.
December Proceeded on a visit to Aligarh in the last week of the month.

1930 17 August Iqbal's father, Sheikh Noor Mohammed, expired.
* The collection of his English lectures, Six Lectures on the Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam was published.
29 December He presented the concept of a federation of the Muslim Majority Provinces at the annual meeting of the All India Muslim League held at Allahabad.

1931 April Attended the All Parties Muslim Conference held at Delhi.
8 September Proceeded to London to attend the Second Round Table Conference.
10 September Arrived at Bombay.
12 September Left for London by the ship Maluja.
27 September Reached London; stayed at St James's Palace (Ghulam Rasool "Mehr" joined him on 1st October).
7 October He attended the Lunch given by the Ex-Prime Minister of Iran, Syed Ziauddin Tabatabai.
8 October Attended the Lunch given by the Secretary of the Iraqi Council, Afzal Bey.
9 October Attended the Dinner given by the Ambassador of Albania.
10 October Attended a Dinner in the company of some distinguished Indians.
12 October Sir Dany Ross called on him.
14 October He attended a Dinner in honour of the Indian Delegation at Ritz Hotel.
16 October Attended the Anniversary Function of the Coronation of King Nadir Shah at the Afghan Embassy. Ghazi Rauf Bey and Saeed Shamul met him.
23 October Attended a Dinner given by the Nawab of Chhatari.
4 November Addressed an academic meeting organized by tile Indian Society.
18 November Visited Cambridge; met Professor Dickinson and his other teachers; and attended a Reception given in his honour.
* Attended a Reception given by the Iqbal Literary Association.
21 November He participated in tile Round Table Conference from 28 September to 20 November, and then departed from London. He halted at Paris for some hours - Sardar Umrao Singh and Iqbal Shaidai met him.
22 November Arrived at Rome; was received by Dr. Scarpa, the Ex-Consul General of Italy in India, who was his great admirer.
23 November Visited the historical monuments of Rome.
24 November Called at the office of The Italian Encyclopedia and met the editor, Professor Gentley.
25 November Met the exiled king of Afghanistan, Shah Amanullah Khan.
26 November Addressed the Royal Academy of Italy (see the text in Letters and Writings of Iqbal by Bashir Ahmad Dar, pp. 80-82).
27 November Met Mussolini and gave him the following advice "Turn away from Europe towards the East."
28 November Went to Naples and saw the ruins of Pompeii.
29 November Arrived at Brindisi.
30 November Left Brindisi by the ship Victoria.
1 December Arrived at Alexandria and met the members of the Shabanul Muslimin Society; arrived at Cairo in the evening; stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel; met Egyptian scholars and nobles; went to see the Pyramids.
3 December Met Dr. Mohd. Husain Haikal and other important persons.
4 December Visited the Egyptian museums and historical monuments.
5 December Left Cairo for Jerusalem by train.
6 December Reached Jerusalem; stayed at the Grand Hotel; attended the Inaugural Session of the Motamar Alam-i-Islami.
7 December Was elected the Vice-President of the Motamar.
14 December Was engaged for the whole week in the activities of the Motamar. Visited the holy places. His last speech at the Motamar "When you return to your country, spread the spirit of brotherhood everywhere, and pay special attention to the youth."
15 December Left Jerusalem for India via Port Said.
28 Decernber Arrived at Bombay; met Atiyya Faizi at Aivan-i-Rifat in the evening; left Bombay by train.
30 December 30 December

1932 1 March Iqbal spoke at a Reception organized by the Islamic Research Institute (Secretary Khwaja Abdul Waheed) in the garden of the Lahore Town Hall.
6 March The first Iqbal Day was celebrated under the auspices of the Islamic Research Institute, Lahore, at Y.M.C.A. Hall.
21 March Gave his Presidential Address at a meeting of the All India Muslim Conference held at Bagh Bairoon-i-Mauchi Darwaza.
20 June Resigned from the Presidentship of the All India Kashmir Committee.
August Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri called on him.
17 October Iqbal proceeded to London to attend the Third Round Table Conference.
24 November A Reception was given in his honour by the National League at London.
30 December After participating in the Conference he left London.

1933 * Met Bergson in Paris.
January Reached Spain in the first week of the month. Visited Masjid-i-Qartaba "My visit to the Mosque elevated me to such a height of feeling as I had never attained to before" (Letter to Sheikh Mohd. Akram).
24 January Gave a Lecture oil "The Intellectual World of Islam and Spain" at Madrid University.
26 January Reached Paris.
1 February Left Paris.
February Came back to Lahore.
18 March Presided over a meeting at Jamia Millia Islamia, Dehli - the speech of Ghazi Rauf Pasha.
15 April Gave a speech- at Jamia Millia Islamia attended the Dinner given by Professor Mohammed Mujeeb.
20 October On the invitation of King Nadir Shah a threemember delegation proceeded to Afghanistan; it consisted of Iqbal, Syed Sulaiman Nadvi and Sir Ross Masood Barrister Ghulam Rasool accompanied Iqbal as his Secretary and Ali Baksh as his servant.
23 October Reached Kabul; stayed at the Royal Guest House, Darul Aman.
* Met King Nadir Shah.
26 October Attended the Dinner given by Sadr-i-Azam (the Grand Vizier), Sardar Hashim.
27 October Offered the Juma Prayers at Jama Masjid Pull Khisti; met Mulla Shor Bazar.
28 October Attended a Tea Party given by the Defence Minister, Shah Mahmood Khan. Spoke at a Reception organized by Anjuman-i-Adabi, Kabul.
29 October Met the Foreign Minister, Sardar Faiz Mohd. Khan.
30 October Left Kabul. Reached Ghaznain and visited the tombs of Hakim Sanai, Mahmood Ghaznavi and the father of Data Ganj Baksh.
3 November Came back to Lahore via Quetta.
4 December Was awarded D.Litt. degree by the Punjab University-was the first Indian to get this Degree.

1934 10 January On I'd Day, the weather being very cold, Iqbal took Sivayyan with curd. He got throat trouble-the beginning of his long illness.
11 June Went to Delhi to consult Hakim Nabina.
29 June Visited Sarhind and took Javed Iqbal with him.
1 July Was elected the President of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
5 December Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru visited him.
22 December Reached Delhi, and then Aligarh.
1935 January Bal-i-Jibril was published.
29 January Proceeded on his way to Bhopal to undergo electric therapy
30 January Arrived at Delhi. Presided over a meeting at Jamia Millia Islamia - the meeting was addressed by Khalida Adib Khanam. Left Delhi that evening.
31 January Reached Bhopal; stayed at Riaz Manzil.
10 March Returned to Lahore after undergoing electric therapy at Bhopal.
* Nawab Hameedullah Khan of Bhopal awarded a monthly Pension of Rs. 500 to Iqbal.
11 May Letter to Lama "At your instance Tagore came to Lahore to meet me and enquire after my health, but I was not there and therefore I could not meet him."
* Iqbal shifted his residence to his own house, Javed Manzil, in New Road (Now Allama Iqbal Road).
25 May His wife (mother of Javed Iqbal) died.
7 July Letter to Lama "My health is all right, but I feel I am running down day by day."
15 July Proceeded to Bhopal for a second course of the electric therapy; Javed Iqbal and Ali Baksh accompanied him.
17 July Reached Bhopal, stayed at Sheesh Mafial.
30 August Returned to Lahore after undergoing electric therapy in Bhopal.
October Attended the Birth Centenary Celebrations of Hali at Panipet.
11 December Letter to Ross Masood "The money settled on me by the Nawab of Bhopal is sufficient for me ... An undue desire for money is avarice which does not become a Muslim in any way. I feel shy to accept this amount (which the Agha Khan had offered to settle on him)."

1936 * Zarb-e-Kalim was published.
29 February Proceeded to Bhopal for a third course of the electric therapy.
2 March Reached Bhopal, stayed at Sheesh Mafial.
9 April Returned to Lahore after undergoing electric therapy in Bhopal.
12 April Attended the function of rhe Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam for the last time and recited his poem "Naghma-i-Sarmadi."
April Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah came to Lahore to meet him. Iqbal was elected the President of the Punjab Muslim League.
1937 15 January Letter to Ross Masood "It was my intention to visit the shrine of the Holy Prophet this year; but certain circumstances have prevented me. I hope that next year I shall be doing Haj and also presenting myself at the shrine of the Holy Prophet."
27 January Iqbal gave a Dinner in honour of the visiting Egyptian scholars at Spencer Hotel (Montgomery Road).
28 April Was elected the President of the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam.
13 June Letter to Sir Akbar Haideri "The only- desire that keeps pricking my heart is that I may go to Mecca for Haj and thence proceed to' present myself at the shrine of that being whose infinite devotion to God has been a source of solace and inspiration for me."
1 July Resigned from the Presidentship of the Anjuman on account of illness.
2 December Letter to Syed Miran Shah "Thank God you are well and busy in the preparations for Haj. May God bless you in this journery ... I wish I could accompany you, but alas ! for me tile days of separation are not over as yet. I am not worthy of being called to the shrine of the Holy Prophet."

1938 1 January Radio Message for the New Year "All tile expanses of time and- space are shrinking to-day. But in spite of all progress, in these days the forces of expioitation have put on veils of Democracy, Communism, Fascism and what not. Behind these veils the values of Freedom and Humanity are being vitiated all around the world in a way that is unparallelled even in the darkest page of history... We must begin the new year with the prayer that the Merciful God may bestow upon the rulers humanity and love of the human race."
9 January Iqbal Day was celebrated under the auspices of the Inter-Collegiate Brotherhood in Lahore.
16 February Letter to Dr. Muzaffaruddin . "Mr. Haideri did me the further favour of awarding Rs. 1000 from the Exchequer of the Nizam on Iqbal Day, which money I could not accept,"
21 April Iqbal expired in Javed Manzil. at 5-15 a.m.
November His last collection, Armughan-i-Hijaz, was published.

1950 February The construction of Iqbal's tomb was completed according to the plan of Nawab Zainjang Bahadur.

* The exact chronology of these events has not been determined.

 In this case the month has not been determined.

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