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al-ISLAM  (A Monotheistic Faith)



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The Doctrine of the Unity of God :

        He is the Universal God, the Creator of the Entire Universe

        He is indivisivble, and has no partners, parents or progeny

        All praises belong to Him alone


Belief in other created Spiritual Beings :

        Believe in Angels, the Devil and Jinns

        Believe in Spirit and the Soul


Reasons for Creation :

        Exposition of a "Hidden Treasure"

        He created the Laws of Nature

        He created Time

        He created the Universe with all that is in it with a purpose

The Creation of Man:

        Elite of the Order of Creation

        His Representative on Earth

        Granted Intelligence to choose and plot his course of action

Guidance for Man on Earth:

        The Prophets and The Book

        The Imams and the Saints

        The Pious and Rightly Guided Rulers

        The Learned Fellow Human Beings

        The Endowed Intelligence and the Power of Discretion

 The Destiny of Man:

        The Book and The Balance

        The End of Time

        The Day of Judgement




Discipline of Mankind:


Spiritual :

        Appropriate mode and etiquate for Worship

        Total Submission to Allah(swt),the Prophet,and The Book


        Washing, Bathing, and Ablution as prescribed

        Eating and Drinking only the wholesome foods and drinks

        Marriage and procreation

        Divorce and Inheritance

        Adequate rest after work for body and mind

        Appropriate entertainment


        Respect and Brotherhood

        Tolerance and Interdependance

        Observance of the Laws of the Society

        Avoidance of Exploitation of Fellow Human Beings

        Avoidance of Waste