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Book 2: 


Introduction .....

        Respect for parents is a norm as well as a requirement in every society .Even the primitive cultures mandated respect for parents. The unit of the family, which forms the basis pf human development revolves around an intrinsic love and respect between the parents and children. The discipline and coherence that resulted from this unique relationship, and the accompanying altruistic love essentially forms the basis of all later developments into higher institutions, the clan, the society and ultimately the state. Interestingly the animal kingdom also shows this sublime characteristic with the humans. 

        The parents and children's relationship is reciprocally based on mutual love and respect. This relationship is the key to the individual happiness as well as the collective success of a society . 

        The Western society has been able to achieve a relative material prosperity .But in the rat race that followed, the family as a unit started decaying. The moral values diminished. Today the West is confused. It is unable to handle the problems resulting from the epidemic of divorce and the broken homes, illegitimate births and the single parent family, anew phenomenon of this century .The children, born in adverse and unnatural environment and deprived of love, turn into psychotics and criminals. The West has no solution to the chaos, the problem of violent crime and the fast disintegrating family unit. 

        The time has come for the humanity to submit to the will of the Creator, the one and only one God. While the West finds itself in the darkness, there is light at the end of the tunnel and that light is the Quran and its eternal Message which provides solutions to all human problems. 

        This small booklet translated from the original Urdu text is one of the series of Pyame Aman Publications. An attempt has been made by the author to put together in a small volume, the Qur’anic injunctions, the Traditions of the Prophet and the Sayings of the Imams on the subject in hand. For the benefit of the readers, Pyame Aman has added toward the end, the famous Dua of the 4th Imam. While we sincerely believe the Muslims as well as non-Muslims will benefit from this book, I most humbly conclude here, with an excerpt from the supplication of the 4th Imam, which is beautiful and sublime..

“ O God,

Lower before Them (Parents), My Voice,

Make Agreeable to Them my Words,

Make Mild before Them my Temper,

Make Tender toward them My Heart,


Turn Me into their Companion,

Their Loving Friend!"



Jackson, NJ