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Book 2: 


   Traditions of the Masoomeen .....


 1. “lf a man looks toward the faces of his parents with love and kindness, it is reckoned as an act of worship or devotion (towards Allah). "

 2. "The pleasure of the parents is the pleasure of Allah and their displeasure is the displeasure of Allah. "

 3. “'In this world, there are two things which provoke Allah in to punishing a mall.

They are (a) rebellion against Allah: and (b) to be disinherited by his parents (by displeasing his parents). "

 4. 'If a believer says the funeral prayer for another believer, he will enter Heaven - except in the event that he becomes a Munafiq later, or if he is disinherited by his parents. "

 5. 'In no case become one who is disinherited by his parents (never displease the parents): and in no case become one who is rude to his kinsfolk, or one who is an adulterer or a fornicator in his old age: and one who is arrogant. All of them Will not enter Heaven. "

 6. "To treat ones parents with love and kindness brings one closer to the mercy of Allah than anything else. "

 7. 'If a man spends the night in a state that his parents were displeased with him, and he wakes up in the morning, he will find that the gates of hell have been opened for him. “

 8. "On the Day of Judgment, all Muslims will see me (Will see the Prophet), except those who were disinherited by their parents (their parents were displeased With them); and the drunks, and those who heard my name but did not invoke Allah s blessings upon me.'.

 9. "If a man knows that his parents are displeased with him, or one of the parents is displeased with him, and he does not try to win their pleasure or the pleasure of one of them), he will not be forgiven. "

 10. 'It is better to treat one's parents with love and kindness than all t1le devotions like Salaat, Som, Hajj and Ummrah. and Jihad. “

 11. 'To cast a glance of love upon the face of Ali; upon the face of one's parents. and Upon Quran and Kaaba, is an act of devotion."

 12. 'If a man does not take cart:' of his parents in their old age, he will not enter Heaven."

 13. "May Allah curse those parents who do not bring up their children properly, and thus become responsible for their (the children's) being disinherited. "

 14. "Whoever hurts his parents, is disinherited."

 15. "Two men will never enter Heaven: one who is disinherited by his parents: and one who tolerates infidelity on the part of his spouse."

 16. 'If you are good, await Heaven; if you are disinherited by your parents, await Hell. "

 17. "There are three sins which call for punishment in this world. They are

(a)    to be disi1lherited by one's parents;

(b)   oppressing other people;

(c)    not to return a good deed (that someone else has done to hi1n)."

 18. "Allah has forbidden three things,  viz..

(a)    betraying a trust of someone whether he is good or bad;

(b)   breaking a pledge whether given to a good or bad man;

(c)    to ill-treat parents whether they are good or bad. "

 19. "Five things are capital offenses in Islam. viz..

(a)    associating partners with A1lah;

(b)   being disinherited by the parents;

(c)    abandoning piety (worshipping A1lah);

(d)   murdering someone who is innocent; and

(e)    perjury."

 20. "Whoever beats his parents. he is a bastard; whoever harasses his neighbor(s). he is accursed; and whoever hates my children, my household. he is a Munafiq. "

 21. “Show respect to one's neighbor even if he is an unbeliever; treat well a guest, even if he is an unbeliever; obey the parents even if they are unbelievers; do not refuse charity to a beggar even if he is an unbeliever. "

 22. “ I have seen inscribed on the gate of Heaven; admission forbidden to; the miser; the hypocrite; the disinherited; and to the carrier of tales. "



 1. "Whoever hurts his parents, he is (automatically) disinherited. "

2. "Wealth accompanies a man until his death; children accompany him to his grave; but his deeds accompany him until the Day of Judgment. "


Janabe Fatima Zahra (SA)

"Obeying one's parents is like a shield which protects one from Divine wrath and punishment. "

Imam Hasan (AS)

'The pleasure of Allah is to be won with the pleasure of one's parents; and His displeasure accompanies their displeasure."

Imam Muhammad Baqir (AS)

1. "Allah builds a home in Heaven for the following four categories of people, viz. ,

(a} whoever takes care of an orphan;

(b} whoever shows mercy to the weak;

(c} whoever shows kindness and respect to his parents: and

(d} whoever is kind to his servants. "

2. 'If a believer does these four things, Allah elevates him to a high rank in Heaven:

(a} gives sanctuary to an orphan, and treats him as if he is the father of that


(b} takes pity on a beggar, helps him and assumes responsibility for his affairs;

(c} gives financial support to his parents, loves them. and never displeases them;

(d} and helps his slave (in his work}. and does not show his anger to him. " 

Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS)

1. “Love your parents so that your children will love you.”

2. "The best of deeds is: to pray at the appointed time; showing love and respect to one's parents: and to fight for Allah. "

3. “Be good to your parents whether they are alive or dead. Say prayers, give charity, observe fasts and go for Hajj on their behalf so that they become the recipients of the merits of your good deeds. Allah will add many merits to the record of your deeds. "

4. “Do not show the least impatience to your parents. Never hurt your parents, and never talk to them sharply."

5. “One cause of being "disinherited" by parents, is to look at them with anger."

6. “1f a man looks at his parents with anger, even if they have wronged him. Allah does not accept his prayers. "

7. “1t is a mandatory duty to treat parents with kindness. "

8. “If you want a long life, then please your parents. "

9. “Treating parents with kindness, is a sign of loving Allah. There is nothing that gives Allah more pleasure than showing respect to one's parents."

10. “Prophet Musa saw a man in the shade of the Throne. He asked about him, Allah said: 'This man was kind to his parents and he loved them'."

11. “Whoever wants that the agony of death should become light for him, he should treat his parents with kindness. If a man does this, Allah will make the agony of death easy for him, and he will never suffer from want and poverty.”

12. “Between the love that your parents gave you, and the kindness and respect which you showed to them, there is a great difference. When they bestowed love on you, they were thinking of your life ahead of you: but when you were giving them service, the thought at that moment was of death.”