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Article 1    Berkeley Convocation Address  by Fadia Rafeedie

Article 2    Education  by Dr. Safdar Chadda

Article 3    Re: Marriage Before or After University  by Batool Syed  

Article 4    Towards building a better future by Afsheen Anwaar Shamsi

Article 5    The Ingredients of Success for 21st Century  by Nasim Hassan

Article 6    Tips on Raising a Confident Child  by

Article 7    Mother  by  Okasha B. Naqvi

Article 8    Marginization of Muslims (continued)  by Professor Nazeer Ahmed


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It was of the Divine Providence that Mohammed arose to overthrow the idol worship.

 This great Prophet taught a form of religion adapted to the Arab mind and temperament, which explains the mighty influence for good this faith has exercised in many empires and kingdoms.

 The history of religious thought proclaims in trumpet tones that God has never left himself without a witness.

Helen Keller, Light In My Darkness


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