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Article 1    Do You Live In America? by Dr. Ali Hashmi

Article 2    American Muslims Thank US Postal Service For The Eid Stamp

Article 3    Jihad: Waging Peace by Professor Mohamed Elmasry

Article 4    Marginization of Muslims (part iii) by Professor Nazeer Ahmed


Wealth has no permanence: 

it comes in the morning,

 at night it is scattered to the winds.

 Physical beauty too has no importance, 

for a rosy face is made pale 

by the scratch of a single thorn.


Noble birth also is of small account, 

for many become fools of money and horses. 

Many a noblemans son has disgraced 

his father by his wicked deeds.


Dont court a person full of talent either, 

even if he seems exquisite in that respect:

 take warning from the example of Iblis.

 Iblis had knowledge, but since his love

was not pure, he saw in Adam nothing

 but a figure of clay.

The appearances by Jalaluddin Rumi


Advisory: Adiba Shamsi, Azra Omar, Nasir Shamsi

Contributing Artists: Ali Mohammed, Aqeela Naqvi, Lilly Rouhani, Saima Shamsi, Aysha Venjara


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