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Imam Aliís last advice by Dr. Syed Haider Shamsi

Imam Aliís last advice to his children and Muslims

Excerpt from And the Message of Islam Continues by Dr.Syed Haider Hussain Shamsi

On his death bed, Imam Aliís last advice to his children and Muslims, is summarized here:

           1 Keep piety your foremost goal in life.

        2 Be organized and be always prepared to further the cause of Islam.

        3 Do not forget the orphans among you.

        4 Remember your neighbors at all times.

        5 Make al-Qurían your guide.

        6 Maintain prayers your foremost discipline in life because this is the strongest 

          pillar of your faith.

        7 Give freely in the name of Allah, including your lives when needed to defend 


        8 Remain united, and protect each other from sin, because if you fail to do so, 

         others will become  your  overlords.


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