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Vision of America in the 21st century
by Nasim Hasan, Delaware

I migrated to this great country more than 20 years ago. My reason for immigration was the ideals of American democracy, human equality, freedom of expression and  opportunity to better myself.

The basic sense of fairness in American people and  concern for the underdog attracted me to United  States.

After terrible event of September 11, I notice that  America is becoming more like a Third World country.
Listening to radio and TV talk shows, it seems that  people are being judged by their ethnic origin, color  and religion. Personal liberties are gradually being  eroded.

This is exactly what happens in Third World countries.
The news papers, magazines, religious leaders and  politicians preach hatred against other communities in  all Third World countries.

In my opinion this is a primary reason of  underdevelopment in these countries and no country can  progress by taking away personal freedoms of other  fellow human beings.

America is great because here people are allowed to think freely about unthinkable such as going to the moon and traveling to other galaxies. It is only in the
United States that Bill Gates and Stephen Jobs can create big companies starting from ground level.

Only in this country, people like Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton can rise from ordinary backgrounds and become presidents.

The vision of peace and prosperity around the World can be the vision of America in the 21st century. This vision will give hope to masses around the World that their tomorrow will be better than today.

I hope America continues to follow the basic principles of human rights, equality and freedom. This is a matter of concern not only for America but for the whole human race.

Hockessin, Delaware






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