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by Okasha Naqvi, 15
New Jersey

This strange species I discovered,
is odder than odd can get,
they call themselves 'people'
and haven't much sense--- yet.
see if you can relate their behaviors to anyone you know,
they might be "people"
they might be hiding,
or might remind you of a certain someone,
that you have seen since birth, grow.

people drink from the fountain of knowledge,
but they only tend to gargle
instead of taking it in
yet they like to lecture others,
but only keep it verbal.

people throw good advice at others,
but don't catch it when thrown back,
people look for the rainbows,
yet they end up seeing black.

people like to gossip when it's about others
but they converse like a true muslim,
when it involves their lot.

people eat off poisonus fruits,
of worldly riches that soon decay,
and attack like heyanas,
as if it were their prey.

people like to walk firmly 
on the line that everyone walks,
but don't realize at all,
for when one does,
everyone falls.

people wear a mask to their Mosque,
and hold their chin haughty and high,
they sneak it off like a mouse,
when they walk out and say goodbye.

people wonder and question,
of what lies beyond their power,
its like asking when it's raining,
why can't one take a shower?

People think God is full time resident at the Masjid,
and that He doesn't know what he or she had done
people are stuck to popularity and fan fare
like gum stuck on a shoe,
they nod their heads in understanding,
of things they never knew.

people know what's wrong,
but are ovlivious to what is right,
youth pretend to know better than their elders,
they hold on to pride so tight.

family is a legend,
that took place once upon a time,
its characteristics have withered,
its words never rhyme.

these creatures I still wonder,
how they have survived till today,
and how their day-to-day culture,
has ventured on its way.

if you can't acknowledge anyone,
who reminds you of these 'people'
than maybe a look in the mirror,
or a small glance at you and your family,
and you soon will come to know.
that I have discovered who these people are,
they are all human,
in body and spirit 
believing they are perfect.

You Are My Sisters!
by Okasah Naqvi, 15
New Jersey

You are my Sisters, 
you are my door
to more and more Decembers,
where the air is clean and crisp,
where I can count on you more often,
where our voices will flow and wisp.
all four of us will walk,
and fall,
and be there in the cold,
we'll unravel in warm Decembers,
and await the New Year,
hand in hand....strong and bold.
without you folks, i'd never be ready,
to take a chance



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