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Muslim Heritage
Discover 1,000 years of missing history United Kingdom, is a unique online Education Community, that brings together Muslims and Non-Muslims seeking to advance Civilization through the study of Muslim Heritage. Pioneered by the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilization (FSTC Limited) in the UK, it is an ambitious project that aims to raise global awareness on the importance and relevance of Muslim Heritage and its mostly unaccounted contribution to current world civilization.

A vast repository of knowledge and historical data on the critical role of the Muslim contribution to science, technology and world civilization is available in library archives throughout the world. This knowledge if comprehensively extracted, documented and popularized, would provide stronger intellectual foundations for Muslims to begin to reassert their identity as major pioneers of human civilization.

"This website is run by FSTC who have no affiliation with, and do not advocate support of, any particular country, nationality, religious sect or political group," Tariq AL-Tayeb, of the FSTC told Shia News.

There are a few centers of learning, scattered throughout the world, that have done excellent research work on Muslim heritage and have collated valuable source materials. There is however no project that has set out to catalogue and centralize all these sources of Muslim heritage and make it available globally in a popular format.

HRH Prince Charles, Heir to the British Monarchy in a recent public speech at Oxford University stated:

"If there is much misunderstanding in the West about the nature of Islam, there is also much ignorance about the debt our own culture and civilization owe to the Islamic world. It is a failure, which stems, I think, from the straight-jacket of history, which we have inherited. The medieval Islamic world, from central Asia to the shores of the Atlantic, was a world where scholars and men of learning flourished. But because we have tended to see Islam as the enemy of the West, as an alien culture, society, and system of belief, we have tended to ignore or erase its great relevance to our own history."

Through the advancement in Internet technologies, FSTC has the facility to allow global access to this new Muslim heritage database, including source materials, 3-D recreated models of Muslim technology and an online community of scholars and contributors.

The website discusses Muslim contribution in the following fields:

Art & Architecture
History: General and Old World
Islam and Muslims
Social Sciences
The Science of History
Town & City Design
Transfer of Science

"We view the current website as an initial humble and incomplete effort however we reach out to users to continue to contribute by taking part in discussion forums and sending factual articles and reference material," a message from Professor Salim Al-Hassani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees FSTC Ltd, says on the website.

Please visit Muslim Heritage for further information.






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