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Islam and Culture
By Shah N. Khan

Courtesy: PakLink Sunday Interactive Digest

The fact remains that the basic tenets of Islam did not touch most of the cultural values of different tribes and countries except defining right and work or good and evil.
The culture imposed by Taliban was more Afghani than Islamic. And within Afghanistan there were different tribes having different values and languages.

Edward Gibbon in his book "The Decline and Fall of Roman Empire"

" A pernicious tenet has been imputed to the Mohammedans, the duty of extirpating all other religions by the sword. This charge of ignorance and bigotry is refuted by the Koran, by the history of Musalman conquerors, and by their public and legal toleration of the Christian worship."

Islam as a religion has its roots in the teachings of Abraham, Moses, Isa (Jesus) and other prophets of the God Almighty who sent Mohammed as His last Prophet with complete guidance to establish the moral, spiritual and material values and to show the right path and how God Almighty will surely reward us for good deeds and/or punish for our bad deeds and deficiencies not only in afterlife but sometimes in this world also. However, what happens to us in this world cannot be perceived by reason.

Certain sects of Muslims do not realize that Islam is not a closed religion. The need for knowledge, research, progress and Ijtehad (deliberations) has been emphasized up on time and again. We are advised to be kind, considerate, understanding and courteous among other things. Therefore, to evaluate all truths and good things as Islamic or unislamic may be of little consequence. Holy Qur’an goes on to the extent of saying that all mankind is like a single nation.  Al-Quiada and other similar organizations are the same to Islam as Ku Klux Klan to Christianity.

Shah N. Khan







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