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Newsletter October 2006  -   the Message Continues ... 4/62







Here is a gift for you to welcome the holy month of Ramadhan. This has been taken from Kitab as-Sawm of Wasa'il as-Shi'ah of  Muhammad bin Hasan al-Hurr al-'Amulee. Imam Ali ar-Ridha narrates on the authority of his forefathers who report from Imam Ali bin Abi Talib ( may Allah’s peace and our salams be unto all the M’asoomeen):

 Once the Prophet of Islam said while addressing (the Muslims) :-

 " O people! the month of Allah comes to you with blessings, mercy and forgiveness. This is the best of all months, its days are better than all other days, its nights are superior to all other nights, and its moments are the best of  all times, in Allah's sight.

 You are Allah's guests in this month and you are being counted among those who are under Allah's Mercy.

 Breathing in this month is TASBEEH (glorifying Allah), sleeping is 'IBADAT (worship and devotion to Allah), your acts of devotion are accepted (by Allah) and your prayers are granted. So, pray to your Lord with sincerity of heart and purity of thoughts that He may give you the good sense to fast and recite the Qur'an in this month. Anyone who does not receive Allah's blessings in this month is really the most unlucky of all people.

 Remember the hunger and thirst of the Day of Judgment when you feel the hunger and thirst of your fast. Give charity to the destitute, respect your elders, be kind to your younger's, do good things with your near relatives, protect your speech. Do not look at those things which are prohibited, abstain from those sounds and voices which are not allowed for you. You be kind to the orphans of other people, people will be kind to your orphans. Ask Allah for forgiveness of your sins. Ask Him for prosperity during the times of prayer, because those are the best moments (for asking), and Allah looks at His slaves with Mercy and kindness at those moments.

 He listens to them, He answers their prayers, when they call Him, He responds to their calls, when they ask He grants (during those moments).

 O people! Your souls are mortgaged due to your deeds, so redeem your souls by doing Tawba. Your backs are overloaded due to your sins, lighten your backs by long prostrations. Remember! Allah has taken an oath that He will not subject those who establish prayers and do prostrations, to His wrath, and will not let them be frightened by the Hellfire when all will be standing before their Lord. 

O people! Anyone who entertains a fasting Mo'min by inviting him to a breakfast meal, his reward is the same as if he freed a slave, and his past sins are forgiven."

 Someone asked: But not all of us have the means to do that?

 The Prophet said:  Save yourself from the Hellfire, even if it is by (using)  one piece of date or by a drink of water.

  " O people! Whoever improves his manners in this month, he will pass over the bridge of SIRAAT easily, while others will be staggering and stumbling.

 Anyone who relents towards his servants in this month, Allah will relent in his sins. Those who abstain from mischief in this month, will be saved from Allah's wrath. One who respects orphans in this month, Allah will respect him on the Day of Judgement.

  Those who are kind to their near relatives, will receive Allah's Mercy on the Day of Qiyama; and those who are unkind to their relatives, will not receive His Mercy on that Day. Those who offer their prayers with sincerity in this month will be guaranteed  salvation. Anyone who offers an extra good deed in this month, his reward for it will be seventy times. Anyone who sends Salams to Me in this month, his MEEZAN (balance of deeds) will be made heavier on the Day when everyone else's MEEZAN will be lighter. Anyone who recites even one verse of the holy Qur'an, his reward for that will be equal to finishing the recital of the entire Qur'an in other months.

 O people! The doors of Jannah are wide open during this month, ask Allah that He may not close those doors on you; the doors of Jahannam are closed during this month, ask Allah that those doors may not be opened on you. The Shaytan and his kin are imprisoned during this month, so ask Allah that He may not let them loose on you."

 Imam Ali says: I rose and asked the Prophet as to what was the best deed during this month. The Prophet replied: O Abul Hasan the best deed in this moth is to abstain from all those things which are prohibited.  Then his eyes were filled with tears. I said: What is the reason for your tears, O Prophet of Allah. 

 The Prophet replied: O Ali, I am weeping on the events that will overtake you during this month (in the future). (As if) I am seeing that you are busy in your prayers to your Lord. In the meantime the most wretched of all the men past, present and future, the twin (the exact alike)  of  the one who slew the NAQAH of the THAMOOD stands up and hits you on your forehead and your beard is colored (in your own blood)."

  Imam Ali said: Will that be while I will still be steadfast in my DEEN?

 The Prophet replied: Yes, you will be steadfast in your DEEN.

 Note: Imam Ali was attacked by Ibn Muljim al-Muradi (may Allah curse him) on the 19th night of Ramadhan in the 40th year of Hijra, in the Masjid of Koofa, while he was in SAJDAH. It was a sword soaked in poison which had hit the forehead of Imam Ali. The Imam succumbed to his wounds and he breathed his last on the 21st of Ramadhan. Thus the Prophet's prophesying this event was fulfilled in which he draws a parallel between the wretched one who had slain the NAQAH of the Thamood and Ibn Muljim, the assassin of Imam Ali.

(Translation and commentary by Syed-Mohsin Naquvi)






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