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The Noble Messenger (s.a.w.a.s.) said, “The people will be resurrected thirstier, hungrier, and more naked than they lived. Allah will give heavenly robes to those who have given clothing to believers, and feed heavenly blessings to those who have fed any believers, and will give heavenly drinks to those who have given any thing to drink. (Ali ibne abi Hamze). “Everything related to a believer is respectable including his dignity, his wealth, and his life.” 

The Infallible Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (a.s.) said, “The worth of feeding one of my followers is more than feeding one hundred thousands people.” (Ali al-Miqdam). “A believer should advise his believing brothers.” (Abi Obaydeh al-Haz'zae)

“If a believer expresses his hatred of any other religious brother, they are no longer friends. Whenever he tells his brother he is his enemy, one of them has become an infidel.” (Abi Hamza al Somali)

”The closest thing to becoming an infidel is to remember your believing brother's faults with the intention of blaming him in the future.” (Zurareh) 

The Infallible Imam J'far al-Sadiq (a.s.) said, “Whoever gives a scary look to a believer will receive a scary look from Allah on the Resurrection Day.”

“Whoever visits an ill Muslim will be submerged in the sea of divine mercy, and whoever sits with that ill man will be accompanied by seventy thousand angels on his way back home. They will say, 'You have been purified and Heaven will be enjoyable for you.”

“If a believer is asked by another believer to help fulfill one of his vital needs , and he refuses to do so although he is able to directly or indirectly fulfill his needs, he will be resurrected with his hands tied to his neck and has to wait until Allah finishes the reckoning of all His creatures accounts.” (Safvan al-Jam'mal)

“Deliver my greetings to my friends and assure them that I guarantee Heaven for all of them except for the following people:

               1. alcoholic.

               2. gamblers,

               3. people who reject the believers,

               4. people who are haughty with the believers,

               5. people who block the believers' needs,

               6. people who do not help fulfill the needs of a believer who asks them for help,

               7. people who do not marry off their daughter to a believer who comes to propose to marry her.” (Abdul Malik al-Nofy)

“Any believer who does not make an effort to help fulfill his religious brother's needs and does not advise him has committed treason against Allah and His Prophet.” (Ibrahim ibn Uthman)

“Cover up any act of stinginess you observe from any of your religious brothers.”

“O' Ishaq! Do you know that whenever two believers meet each other and shake hands, Allah will send down two hundred blessings on them. Ninety Nine blessings are for the one who like the other one more. And whenever they hug each other, Allah's Mercy will encompass them”

“Do not be deceitful with people, since you will lose all your friends.” (Abi Baseer)

“Allah will humiliate you in this world and in the Hereafter if you humiliate your believing brothers while you are able to help them. The reward of helping a believing brother is more than that for fasting for fasting and spiritual retreat to Makkah.” (Ibrahim al-Somali)

“Love for your Muslim brother the same things that you love for yourself.”

“Whenever three believers get together, it is not appropriate for any two of them to whisper in each other's ear.” 

Source: Mishkat ul Anwar fi Ghuralil Akhbar (The Lamp Niche for the Best Traditions) by: Hassan ibn Fazl ibn Hassan Tabarsi




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