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Hadith on Azadari


Paradise, The Recompense of A'zadari: Imam 'Ali Ibn al‑Husayn (A.S.) used to say:

كان عليٌّ بن الحسين (ع) يقول:

أيٌّما مؤمن دَمعت عيناه لِقتل الحُسين (ع) ومَن معه حتَّى تسِيل على خدَّيه بوَّأه الله في الجنة غُرفاً

Every Mu'min, whose eyes shed tears upon the killing of Husayn Ibn 'Ali (A.S.) and his companions, such that the tears roll down his cheeks, Allah shall accommodate him in the elevated rooms of Paradise.

Yanaabe'al‑Mawaddah, pg. 419.

In Remembrance of the Children of Fatimah (A.S.): Imam Sajjad (A.S.) said:

قال عليٌّ بن الحُسين (ع):

إني لم أذكُر مصرَع بني فاطمة إلاَّ خنقتني لذلك عبرةٌ

Surely, I have never brought to mind the martyrdom of the children of Fatimah (A.S.) except that I have been choked with tears due to it.

Bihar al‑Anwar vol. 46, pg. 109.

Mourning in the Houses: For those unable to go for the ziarat of Imam Husayn (A.S.) on the day of A'ashura, Imam Baqir (A.S.) mentions the manner of performing A'zadari as follows:

قال الباقر (ع):

ثُم ليَندُب الحُسين (ع) ويَبكيه ويأمُر من في داره بالبُكاء عليه ويُقيم في داره مُصيبته بإظهار الجَزع عليه ويتلاقُون بالبُكاء بعضُهم بعضاً في البُيوت ولَيُعزِّ بعضهم بعضاً بمُصاب الحُسين (ع)

He should mourn over Husayn (A.S.), weep for him and instruct the members of the house to weep for him. He should establish the mourning ceremony in the house by exhibiting lamentations and grief over him; the people should meet one another in their homes and offer condolences and consolation to each other over the calamities which befell him.

Kaamil al‑Ziyaraat pg. 175

 'Ali (A.S.) Weeps While Grieving the Martyrs of Karbala: Imam Baqir (A.S.) said:

قال الباقر (ع):

مرَّ عليٌّ بكربلاء في اثنين مِن أصحابه قال فلماَّ مرَّ بها ترقرقت عيناه للِبُكاء ثم قال هذا مناخُ ركابهم وهذا مُلقى رِحالِهم وهاهُنا تُهراق دِماؤهم طُوبى لك مِن تُربةِ عليكِ تُهراق دماء الأحبَّة

Amirul Mu'mineen (A.S.), along with two of his companions, happened to pass by Karbala’ and as he did so, tears filled his eyes. He said (to them), "This is the resting place of their animals; and this is where their luggage shall be laid down; and it is here that their blood shall be shed. Blessed are you O' Earth, that the blood of the beloved shall be spilled upon you."

Bihar al Anwar, vol: 98 pg. 258.

Tears, Barrier of Hell: Imam Baqir (A.S.) said:

قال الباقر (ع):

ما مِن رجُل ذكرنا عنده يخرُج من عينيه ماءٌ ولو مثل جناح البعُوضة إلا بَنى الله له بيتاً في الجنة وجعل ذلك الدَّمع حِجاباً بينه وبين النار

He who remembers us, or in whose presence, we are remembered, and (as a result) tears flow from his eyes, even though they may be in the measure of a wing of a mosquito, Allah shall construct for him a house in paradise and make the tears a barrier between him and the fire (of hell).

Al‑Ghadeer vol. 2, pg. 202.

Twenty Years of Weeping!: Imam Sadiq (A.S.) said:

قال الصادق (ع):

وأمَّا عليٌّ بن الحُسين (ع) فبكى على الحُسين (ع) عشرين سنةً وما وُضع بين يديه طعامٌ إلا بكى

`As for A'li Ibn al‑Husayn (A.S.), he cried over Husayn (A.S.) for twenty years (after the tragedy of Karbala’); never would any food be placed before him except that he would begin to weep.

Bihar al Anwar, vol 46, pg. 108

The Etiquette of Mourning: Imam Sadiq (A.S.) said:

قال الصادق (ق):

فلمَّا مات إبراهيم ابن رسول الله (ص) هُملت عينُ رسول الله (ص) بالدُموع ثُم قال النبيُّ (ص) تدمعُ العينُ ويََحزن القلبُ ولا نقول ما يُسخِط الرَّب وإنا بِك يا إبراهيم لمَحزُونُون

When Ibrahim, the son of the Holy Prophet (S) died, tears filled the eyes of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), whereupon he said, " The eyes are tearful and the heart is anguished (but) we shall not say anything which shall anger the Lord. Surely we, O' Ibrahim, are grief‑stricken for you"

Bihar al‑Anwar vol: 22 , pg. : 157.

Tearful Eyes: Imam Sadiq (A.S.) said:

عن أبي عبد الله (ع) قال:

مَن دُُكرنا عنده ففاضت عيناه حرَّم الله وجهه على النارِ

He in whose presence we (and our miseries) are mentioned and, as a result, his eyes pour out tears, Allah shall make his face forbidden upon the fire of hell.

Bihar al Anwar vol. 44, pg. 185.

Husayni Gatherings: Imam Sadiq (A.S.) said to Fudhail:

قال الصادق (ع) للفضيل

تجلِسون وتُحدِّثون قُلت نعم قال تِلك المجالس أحِبُها فأحيُوا أمرنا رحِم الله مَن أحيا أمرنا

Do you sit together, talk and discuss amongst yourselves? Fudhail replied: Yes. The Imam then said: I approve of these sittings. So keep our `issue' (Imamate) alive. May Allah exhibit mercy on those who revive our issue and mission!

Wasail al‑Shiah , vol. 10, pg. 391.

Invaluable Tears: Imam Sadiq (A.S.) said (to Masma', one of those who mourned over Imam Husayn (A.S.):

قال الصادق (ع):

رَحِِمَ الله دمعَتك أما إنك مِن الذين يُعدًًًًًًًًّون مِن أهل الجَزع لنا والذين يَفرحون لفَرحنا ويَحزنون لحُزننا أما إنك سَتَرى عند موتِك حُضور أبائي لكَ

May Allah have mercy upon your tears! Do know that you are regarded as being of those who are deeply concerned about us and of those who are happy at our happiness and aggrieved at our sorrow. Do know that you shall witness the presence of my father's near you at the time of your death.

Wasail al‑Shia, vol., 10, pg. 397




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