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The One Supplement I Never Miss Taking- CO-Q10
by Melanie Segala


As a writer and editor in the health field for many years, Iím often asked for advice from people who want to start a supplement program.  Without question, the one supplement thatís absolutely at the top of my list is CoQ10.  I take 200 mg every morning and know itís working to produce energy in every cell in my body, especially my heart.  

Hereís what I meanÖ

Before I began taking CoQ10, Iíd usually fall into a 2 oíclock slump at work.  No matter how much sleep I got the night before, my brain felt foggy and I barely had enough energy to get through the rest of the day.  I looked forward to weekends, simply to get more sleep.  I felt like I was on my way to old age.

That was before.  But this is nowÖ  

I get  7 hours of sleep every night and have more than enough energy to work all day, make a 50-minute commute home, do some stretching exercises, cook dinner, and spend quality time with my husband.  

On weekends, I clean the house, run errands, make phone calls, and look forward to our Saturday "date night."  Extra sleep is the last thing on my mind.  Whoís old? Not me!

If thatís not enough, here are the other life-saving benefits you get from CoQ10:

Itís an essential co-factor your body needs to derive energy.  You canít survive without it.
Itís the very best "medicine" you can take for congestive heart failure according to Dr. Al Sears.  It also regulates your heart rhythm, clears your arteries, lowers your blood pressure, and reduces high cholesterol
Itís a powerful antioxidant that protects your immune cells from free radical damage and even boosts their cancer fighting ability.
It generates energy in the brain and may protect against neurological diseases and even memory loss.
Applied topically or taken orally, it helps prevent gum disease and tooth loss.
While people in their 20s almost always have enough of this essential nutrient, deficiencies are common in people over 40.  And thatís one of the reasons we start feeling "old" and getting sick.

Hereís a great story from Dr. Sears on the "miracle" CoQ10 performed on one of his patients.

A retired chorus line dancer came to his clinic for the first time with high blood pressure ó even though she was taking two blood pressure medications and a statin drug. She felt constant fatigue and had increased trouble with her memory.  When Dr. Sears measured her CoQ10 levels, he found it was 95% lower than most of the population. After taking 200 mg of a CoQ10 supplement daily for two months, she was able to stop both blood pressure medications.   

Remarkably, she now maintains a normal blood pressure without medications.  She also says she feels "energized for the first time in decades" and reports a sharper memory.    

Did you notice that the woman was taking a cholesterol-lowering statin drug?   Itís part of the reason she was so dangerously depleted of CoQ10.  Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs rob you of it.  And most doctors donít know, or donít bother telling their patients when they prescribe a statin.  Dr. Sears advises people who take statin drugs to supplement with at least 100 mg per day of CoQ10.

Organ meats are the primary food sources of CoQ10.  And organ meats from grass-fed beef or wild game are the highest.  They contain ten times more CoQ10 than grain-fed animals.  But how many people eat these foods?  If youíre like nearly 100% of the population, youíre not getting enough CoQ10 from your diet.  Thatís why a supplement is so important.  

I hope Iíve convinced you about the power of CoQ10.  Whether you take statin drugs or not, make CoQ10 a part of your daily nutrition program.  It really is the "miracle" nutrient.
courtesy: Total Health Breakthrough online issue, 10/07/2009





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