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The Women of Forever
by Pooran Farrokhzad, 

the Iranian poetess Translated from a Persian Poem


The forgotten women, they weigh heavily and squeeze the small openings of my heart and always make me cry.

The dust of forgetting and past has covered their bodies and hides them from the memories.

Forgiving, dynamic, lasting and loving women innocent like the youth, like the youth.

I rub my head against the faraway shrine of thought and see them each who move by, pale and gaunt.

We move forward in a aura of fog, with eyes wet from warm tears from the mountains and the complaints and the repeated crying of destruction.

The woman stares at my existence and follows the lost dreams through calm blinking, quiet.

My dream, my mother's dream, my grandmother's dream, the women of pain, the women of agony, patient women who don't complain and travel the paths of history, quiet, adrift.

From the beginning to today, passion creating women who are alive, passion creating women who are alive who play the drums with their seeking and dynamic hands and feet and lose a new image in our dreams.

The women of yesterday, today, from me to us, the women of forever.







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